5 shocking supermarket secrets you didn’t know

Knowledge is power. At JewelPie, we believe in the importance of reading and learning to be a more discerning consumer. Due to the availability of free information on the Internet, we are glad that consumers today are a lot more informed than they were before. However, you probably wouldn’t have guessed the five supermarket secrets we are going to tell you…
Sara keeps her shopping list in her smart phone

The bigger the shopping cart, the more consumer will buy.
Shopping carts that were purposely enlarged to double its original size caused buyers to purchase 19% more!

The average age of an apple in the supermarket is 14 months old.


Many stores play music with a rhythm that’s much slower than the average heartbeat
which makes you spend more time in the store – and buy 29% more.

Vegetables and fruits that don’t sell in time are recycled into prepared food.

Jaya Grocer Intermark Malaysia

Supermarkets have very low profit margin (an average of 1.5 % net profit a year)
Fashion retailers on the other hand make several times more

We wouldn’t have a clue if we didn’t read ‘Brandwashed’ by Martin Lindstrom and Reader’s Digest. There were more shocking revelations (Drop us a comment if you want to know more of it).

Are you as shocked as we were?

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