5 reasons why fruit juice may not be good for you

Do not be mistaken. Fresh fruit juice – as in all plants, natural and non-processed food – is good for the body. But fruit juice is not the cure-all. In light of the recent craze for cold-pressed juice, we want to remind you it might not be a good idea to buy into the convenience of drinking fruit juice and forget about eating whole fruits. Here are 5 reasons why drinking (a lot of) fruit juice might not be as good for health as you think.

Recipe: Green Detox Juice

detox green juice

1. Some fruit juice is just fruit flavoured sugar-water
Most of the fruit juice that we purchase is just fruit flavoured sugar-water. Even if it is labelled as “100% pure” and “not from concentrate.” Even if you are able to find freshly squeezed or cold-pressed fruit juice, you still need to deal with the below points….

2. Does not contain fibre
One of the many benefit of eating plants like fruits and vegetable is the soluble fibre. Soluble fibre helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood and combat constipation (source). Unfortunately, fruit juice does not contain fibre.

3. High in sugar
Undeniably, fresh fruit juice contains minerals and antioxidant. However it contains a high amount of sugar that is comparable to sugary beverages (source). Diabetics should take note.

JEWELPIE- Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Recipe: Rainbow Fruit Skewers
4. Contain less antioxidant than whole food
Research shoes that when compared calorie for calorie, fruit juice contains less nutrition than whole fruit (source)

5. Might not be good for digestive system
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), digestion is the stove and food is the fuel. Consuming too much raw food like fruit juices can distinguish your digestive fire. It may cause imbalance to the body such as fatigue, chilliness and bloating. (source).

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We love drinking juices; especially those that we make at home. However, our advise it to have it in moderation. More importantly, don’t stop eating whole fruits just because you’ve been drinking more fruit juice!

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