5 real advantages of keeping your business cards in Evernote (for the non-techie)

Evernote SundaysMost of the people who have started using Evernote Hello are hooked to the app. However, there are a few people we’ve spoken to who prefer the conventional method to keeping important contacts in an Excel spreadsheet or in a business card folder.


We know that many people are not techies and have no time to fiddle with the latest apps. Today we’ll explain to the non-techie about the advantages of using Evernote to store and sort your contacts. We’ll show you how embracing certain technologies can help make your life easier.

1. Automatic data entry
Evernote takes away the need for you to key in details of your contacts manually. No more typing the person’s name, number, etc. Now you can simply take a photo of the business card and all information will be extracted automatically.

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2. Save time
While keying in details of a person might not take a lot of time, imagine doing that with 10 business cards. With Evernote, you simply need to snap a photo of the card. Each card will take you no more than a few seconds.

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3. Easy and quick to search for contacts
Remember ‘Liyana’ you met at a meeting few months ago? You don’t have to search for your card folder and then flip through the hundreds of business cards for her number.

Simply type in the search, or find it in your contacts note under “L”. All your contacts are arranged alphabetically…automatically, of course.JewelPie: Evernote Hello

4. Access to your contacts anytime, anywhere…on all of your devices.
Evernote keeps your contacts on all your devices, most of which you keep close to you. Hence, you can look up for your contacts now– on your phone, tablet or laptop.

You don’t have to go back home or to the office to search for your business card folder for that number you need urgently.

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5. Your contacts are never lost
Many things can happen to your physical business cards- misplaced, stolen, destroyed by water etc. Even documents kept in your computer can be lost if you do not have a proper back-up.

Contacts kept in Evernote however are not only stored on your devices but automatically uploaded onto the web. Even if your computer crashes or is stolen, your contacts will not be lost.

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We personally find Evernote practical and user-friendly. It’s made for everyone; not just the young, modern and technical person. We urge you to give it a try. It has added great value to our life and we believe it’ll be the same for you.

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