5 Practical Uses Of Bread Clips At The Office

The next time you buy a loaf of bread, don’t throw those bread clips away. Those simple plastic clips can be a great organisation tool that will save your some time and a lot of frustration.

5 Practical Uses Of Bread Clips At The Office

We’ve found 5 practical uses for them and tried it out ourselves:

1. Rubber band organiser
We keep rubber bands around as they can come in handy. Organise all of them with a bread clip so you can find them when you need them.


2. Key tag
Do you have those lone keys you keep at the desk of your office? You can tag and label it with bread clips. You can also colour-code your keys with nail polish.


3. Cord organiser
Tag your cords with colourful bread clips and label them. Now you won’t accidentally switch of the fax machine.

5 Practical Uses Of Bread Clips At The Office

4. Tape marker
Peeling the end of the cellophane/masking tape and ruining our manicure in the process frustrates us to no end. Just stick a bread clip at the end as a marker.


5. Headphone organiser
With a bread clip, you won’t have tangled headphone ever.


Tell us what irks you most at your office? We’ll see if we can come up with any smart solution!

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