A few years ago, I didn’t care much about the quality of my cosmetics because I didn’t know better. While I don’t exclusively use organic products, I try to choose milder and friendlier products to put on my face and body. It is this search that led me to discover World Organics.

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There are two brands under World Organics – Riverveda and The Organic Skin Co. The former is a luxury organic spa and skincare line inspired by Ayurveda. I’ve requested for their top popular products. Here are my thoughts:



1. Honeysuckle Moisturiser RM 175
“A refreshing and exotic, lightweight moisturizer formulated to minimize pores and promote even skin tone. The purifying extracts of Amla Berry and Turmeric, balance oil production, while organic cold pressed oils of Rosehip, EPO and Jojoba hydrate, quench and clarify your skin. This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for combination and oily skins and for those that experience an increase of oil production in our hot and humid climate. Honeysuckle Moisturizer also offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sebum balancing properties making it an ideal choice for acne or blemished skin conditions.”

Thoughts: The products’ packaging, to me, do not particularly shout for attention. But when I read about the ingredients, I’m impressed. It contain some of the most nutritious ingredients – amla berry, turmeric and rosehip. I like that the moisturising quality comes from shea butter and coconut oil, and that the formulation is not heavy. It seems to be absorbed into the skin quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling.


River Veda honeysuckle moisturiser

2. Amla Clear Face Wash RM 197
This light foaming Face Wash is suitable for normal, oily and congested skin types, helping brighten a dull, sluggish complexion with refreshing, clarifying ingredients.

– Honeysuckle Flower Oil offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sebum balancing properties making it an ideal choice for acne or blemished skin conditions.

– Purifying organic extract of Amla Berry helps to balance oil production. Our concentrated supercritical extract of Amla also delivers high quantities of Vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen, helping to contribute to skin firmness and protect against irritations.

– Turmeric Root is an important active ingredient for antiseptic, antiinflammatory and antibacterial use.

– Decyl Glucoside is a light foaming ingredient made from coconut which is known to be extra kind to sensitive skins.

– BioGro Certified ‘Made with Organic Ingredients’.”

Thoughts: Of all products, I am most aware of a strong cleanser that strip off natural oil from my face and leaving it feeling dry. I like that this cleanser is as mild as those I’m used to. The smell does not differ much from Honeysuckle moisturiser which also contain amla berry. The earthy and natural fragrance reminds me of spas I frequent. This is a light and creamy cleanser, I believe will be pleasing to everyone skin type.


River Veda Amla Face Wash

3. Evening Primrose Moisturiser 
RM 185
“This luxurious facial moisturizer provides an enriching combination of regenerative supercritical herbal and flower extracts including Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Evening Primrose Oil. This bioactive cream is formulated to protect and enhance during the day and also stimulate the natural process of replenishment and renewal as you sleep. Perfect for dry, dehydrated, aging or damaged skin, its richly nourishing oils help combat signs of aging and the inclusion of beneficial herbs help reverse signs of pigmentation.”

Thoughts: ‘A rich bioactive night cream formulated to replenish as you sleep’, the packaging says. Perhaps this my favourite product of the lot. The consistency is much like honeysuckle moisturizing cream and impressive list of ingredients. But because I apply it on my face before sleeping, the scent of this range which reminds me of the relaxing spa at resorts puts me to bed a little faster.

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Evening Primrose

4. Freshly Free Facial Toner 
RM 195
“Soothing organic aloe vera and balancing Ylang Ylang combine in this purifying and normalizing tonic suitable for all skin types. This refreshing alcohol free treat for the skin helps to reduce impurities built up on skin while it invigorates and tones.”

Thoughts: True to it’s name, the toner smell and feel fresh. The toner smell of strongly of  Ylang ylang. As I personally do not put on toner on my face, I am not used to the constricting/ refreshing feeling many may enjoy. Oh, and it has a strong packaging. I accidentally drop it hard on the floor and it came out unscathed (except for some bubbling which resides later).


River Veda toner

5. Carefree Cleansing Milk RM 214
A mild and creamy face milk designed to gently cleanse and balance all skin types without stripping away the natural oils or creating irritations. The key ingredients organic Evening Primrose and Jojoba oils replenish the skin by maintaining the optimum lipid levels while Orange essential oil lifts the spirits (even after the most tiring of days).”

Thoughts: This is such a moisturising cleanser! So creamy that it doesn’t only not make my skin feel dry, I feel that it moisturises my skin as I cleanse. I also love the light floral and citrus scent of it. This is another gem, which I  follow up with Evening Primrose Moisturiser.


River Veda cleansing milk

THE BRAND: River Veda
“River Veda is a luxury rejuvenation and regeneration organic spa and skincare line inspired by ancient Ayurvedic practices.

It has been designed to nourish the skin and uplift the emotions, drawing its inspiration from Mother Nature’s bounty and fusing the wisdom of the East with the wonders of modern, supercritical extraction technology.
Formulated with wellbeing at its heart, River Veda is for anyone who cares about their skin and feeling nourished. Not only is the range packed full of therapeutic supercritical extracts, it is inspired by Ayurveda and a knowledge of nature that has been gathered across centuries.

An essential element of Ayurveda is its respect for the Earth and the intelligence of plants, herbs, seeds and flowers, with everything required to integrate and balance mind, body and spirit found in the natural world. It is upon this very philosophy that River Veda has been created.

The range is not only high quality but therapeutic, reflecting our belief that beauty products should not only help you look good, they should be good for you and the world around you.”

world organics


You can purchase the cosmetic from their website: http://worldorganic.com.my/

Disclosure: All products are courtesy of World Organics.

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