LIFEHACK: 6 other practical uses of shower caps

We love surfing at Pinterest for simple recipes and smart solutions to everyday problems. Some ideas are not all that great (such as this sideway toaster) but these alternative uses of shower cap are amazing.

1. iPad/ tablet screen cover
We bring our iPad into the kitchen to refer to the recipes we keep in Evernote. To avoid it being dirty, cover it with a shower cap! Yes, it can still work with a layer of plastic between your finger and the screen!showercap as iPad cover

2. Shoe carry
If you have to keep another pair of shoe in your bag, shower cap would be a perfect fit.  If you prefer to keep them in cotton or plastic bag, use the shower cap to wrap one shoe so that it wouldn’t dirty the other one.showercap as shoe carrier

3. Broom cover
Shower cap can also be used to cover your broom to contain dusts. It’s much easier than tying plastic bag around it.Shower cap as broom cover

4. Clean shower head
Pour white vinegar into shower cap and secure it to the showerhead with a rubber band. Let it soak for an hour and wipe it clean with a wet cloth (via A Real Housewife)

shower cap

5. Bowl cover
Bringing food in a large bowl to a potluck party? If you don’t have a matching lid or cling wrap, you can cover the bowl with shower cap.showercap as bowl cover

6. Pillow protector
Do you often feel too lazy to wash your hair after coming home late from a party? We do! We hate to sleep with our wet hair but neither do we like dirtying our pillows. Protect your pillows from your less-than-clean hair by wearing a shower cap. We normally do double protection; on top of wearing a shower cap to bed, we like to cover our towel with a clean towel.

Life hack: shower cap

Which is your favourite hack?


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