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Minimalism. We’ve heard that a lot recently, don’t we? Whether we subscribe to the notion or not, we cannot deny that many people are beginning to realise that material things alone does not make us happy. Though, we still love things, I think the idea is to understand that we do not buy things for the sole purpose of having more or showing off, but rather surround ourself with things (whether little or much) that we truly love.

I’ve been trying to get rid of things I do not need or like (or as Marie Kondo say, do not spark joy) for almost a year. I’ve cleared mostly everything including the wardrobe, fridge (Read: 5 Ways to Organise  Your Fridge for a Healthier Lifestyle) and all papers (5 Ways To Organising Paper, Marie Kondo style). Now, my home consist things that are either functional, beautiful or those that has sentimental value. Oh, it makes me so happy! (Read: How Marie Kondo’s Minimalism Makes Me Happier).

Lombok Gili Island

Painted nails at Gili Island

But being a minimalist is not that easy. I am still struggling with buying new clothes and books – two of my biggest weakness. My third? Nail polish. Because I cook so much, painting my nail is like a luxury (and one that I indulge often). My nails must be painted when I’m on a holiday, or on special occasions. Naturally, I have heaps of nail lacquer which I didn’t get to use and, at the end,  dry up. So I have to paint my keys, instead of my nails, with them… (Read: Colour-code  your keys with nail polish).

I’m slowly removing those that I can’t use anymore, and put more thoughts into buying them. What do I use most? What colour is most appropriate for all occasion? Finally, I came up with five must-have nail polish for a chic minimalist. These five lacquer is perfect for those who like timeless style and simplicity in their dressing.


Nail polish: Base Coat, Top Coat, Custard, Watermelon and Mardigras

1. Base coat

If you want your home-manicure to look professional, this is something that you cannot skimp. It help lacquer to stick to nails better. Some even help fill in ridges to give a smoother looking appearance.

2. Top coat

Top coat gives your nails a glossy finish. It also protects your nails and prevents your nails from scratches, which means longer lasting nails. It’s compulsory for a shiny, ‘done’ nails.

I’ve learned from experience that both top and base coat are indispensable if you want your nails to look professionally done. Ok, I admit it it’s a bummer to have the ‘basics’ reduce our freedom to choose another two real ‘colours’. “This is not enough!”, I thought to myself. But the fun is knowing what that is absolutely necessary and choose colours that are versatile. So here we go:


Top Coat and Base Coat

3. Something neutral

Choose a colour that matches your skin colour. It should be the one you can use for French manicure if you so desire. It’s the colour that’s so subtle you can wear to work and matches anything from your wardrobe.

Instead of pink which can look too cutesy, I wanted something closer to beige and brown. I’m currently wearing ‘Custard’. In my next purchase, I’ll choose something darker, maybe ‘Gelato’.


Neutral colour (Custard)

4. Something happy

We have something serious and subtle, now we need something fun and striking. We can choose a attention-seeking colour (e.g neon green) or a favourite colour (e.g turquoise). But, we can also choose a bright and ‘happy’ red (instead of darker wine-like colour). Not only it’s fun enough for a beach holiday, it’s also appropriate for a formal event such as a wedding dinner.watermelon

Something happy (Watermelon)

5. Something dramatic: glittery or dark

I personally love glitter so I choose this instead of a darker colour. The bling can really bring out any nail colour. You can lightly paint it over your nails, or go all-out on just one of them. I picked one which matches the neutral colour. If your style is more goth than glam, try something dark like dark grey or cobalt blue.

100pure nail polish glitterGlitter (Mardi Gras)

These nail polishes are courtesy of 100% Pure. They are free of the common carcinogens in most nail polish: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. The texture is so creamy that you only need one coat for full coverage or two coats if you want it to look perfect. Retail at RM 69.

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