5 Local Wellness Personalities To Follow On Instagram

Are you having trouble changing your lifestyle and bad habits? You don’t have to wait until new year to start anew.

Why not revamp yourself inside and outside right now? As cliche as it sounds, it’s never too late to change for the better.

If you’re just getting started, we recommend that you seek inspiration and motivation from these 5 local wellness personalities which you can follow on Instagram:


1. Atilia Haron (@atiliaharon)
The petite singer/songwriter turned entrepreneur, Atilia Haron, is a well-known figure among local jazz enthusiasts.

After years of being in the entertainment business, Atilia has ventured to the wellness realm and founded a yoga studio called Yogaonethatiwant in Damansara Perdana back in 2013 (followed by two other branches; one in Shah Alam and the other one in Melawati).

Aside from the usual lifestyle-related photos, Atilia’s IG account is filled with plenty of yoga happiness; she’s often seen in the studio doing her yoga moves or basically having fun with yoga.

Why you should follow her on IG: Atilia’s snap-happy yoga photos make it less intimidating for those contemplating on yoga for the first time. Also, the cool yoga moves can be a good motivation.



2. Kevin Zahri (@kevinzahri)
Affectionately known as ‘Cikgu Fitness Malaysia’, buff hottie Kevin Zahri is one the most successful health and fitness experts in Malaysia, with over a decade of experience under his belt. As a passionate advocate of health and fitness education, he is the founding creator behind Malaysia’s nationwide weight loss program called Jom Kurus (Let’s Get Skinny!). He has over 10 years experience as fitness trainer, corporate speaker, fitness writer, TV host and various personal appearances.

Why you should follow him on IG: Aside from fangirling over his brooding good looks, Kevin is generous enough in sharing helpful health and wellness tips on his account. Plus, he regularly uploads before and after photos of his clients with good results; definitely a good motivation if you want to be skinny.


3. Linora Low (@linoralow)
Chatty MIX.fm radio host slash fitness personality Linora Low truly has a rockin’ body to boot. The highly energetic lady with striking pink hair is sought-after for a number of fitness events which catered to thousands of people such as the Color Run Malaysia, ScoreFitMob Largest Zumba Fitness Party, PoleStars Championship, The Milo Breakfast Run and Cheer 2013. Linora aspires to inspire as many people as she can into leading a healthy lifestyle, something she is very passionate about and has even translated on to her radio show on MIX.fm.

Why you should follow her on IG: Linora often posts short videos and photos of her working out, plus yummy health food that might inspire you to try (and hopefully make it part of your eating habit).


4. Peter Davis (@peterhughdavis)
Hunky model, actor and Malaysian MMA star Peter Davis was a London native with a Malaysian Chinese mother. He was just 26 years old when he decided to switch gears from finance and came to Malaysia when things took turn for the worse. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It turned out alright.” Davis laughs nearly six years after his fateful decision during an interview with MMA’s official website.

Why you should follow him on IG: Well, aside from the obvious (drooling after his hard bod), the cute hunk is all about clean eating. And he seems to be into extreme sport.


5. Jojo Struys (@jojo_struys)
Jojo Struys, author of Guide To Wellness, is the beauty that never fails to inspire and motivate her fans to live life to the fullest. The model/actress/TV host turned health enthusiast has also created a relaxation app called ‘Letting Go with Jojo Struys’ for all Androids (downloadable free from Google Playstore). “Read my rambling thoughts and messages on the go, to hopefully keep you feeling inspired and mentally positive,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Why you should follow her on IG: “In order to change your life, change the way you think” says the description on her account. Need we say more? Her photos are truly breathtaking and revolves mostly around the beauty of nature and enjoying life in the moment, which is the message Jojo is trying to convey.




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