5 least fattening food at mamak restaurants

Not all food at mamak is fattening and unhealthy. If you know what to choose, it could be nutritious too.

Plain Thosai has 145-196 calories.
Ravaa Thosai has 150 calories.
Capati has 108-140 calories.
Naan Bread has 100 calories.
Roti Prata with Kuah Campur has 122 calories. Yes, even with gravy.


Do you need to remember all these numbers? No. All you need to know is to pick Thosai, Capati, Naan or Prata the next time you’re in a Mamak.

Note that Roti Naan is different from Naan Bread. Roti Naan has a whopping 308 calories. Don’t mix them up.


Also, be wise in adding your Dal Kuah as half a cup can pile up to 174 calories which is more than the main meal itself!

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Note: Values were taken from www.fitnesspal.com for an estimation of calories, which vary from stall to stall.



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