5 healthy snacks to eat in the office

If you have a desk-bound job, you probably find yourself snacking a little too often. Snacking on food like fried chips, kuih and biscuits are delicious, however they might not be good for your body in a long run. You don’t have to give up your favourite snack completely, but you might like to consider including some healthy snacks too. Here are our recommendation:

1. Nuts
Keep some nuts in a air-tight plastic container. It’s a great snack to keep in the office as they have long shelf lives.
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2. Dark chocolate
Yes, chocolates can be a healthy snack. Just make sure they are dark chocolates!
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3. Instant oatmeal
Oatmeal is a quick snack that fills you up. It’s also very flexible. You can flavour it with honey, fruits or nuts.
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resolutions4. Banana
Convenient and filling, bananas makes a good health snack at the office. They are sometimes available at convenience store and mamak. So check those places out if you forget to get them from the supermarket.
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5. Wholemeal and multigrain bread
Bread can eaten as a main meal or snacks. Choose whole-meal and multigrain breads as they have more fibre and nutrient than refined, white breads.
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What do you normally snack on at the office?

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