Healthy office snacks #1: Nuts

Do you often feel sleepy and tired during office hours? Perhaps healthy snacks can help boost your mood and energy level! We will recommend five healthy snacks weekly and where to get them. The first? Nuts!nuts

Benefits of nuts
Nuts have long shelf life, easy to buy and keep. Not only that, eating nuts are shown to prevent heart disease (i.e. walnuts), protect against the damaging effects of stress, bolster immune system (i.e. almonds), protect against lung cancer (i.e. pistachios) and prostate cancer (i.e. Brazil nuts), prevent cognitive decline, and also help one to lose weight.

Benefits Of Nuts

  1. LOHAS Organic Raw Almond (150g) RM 9.90
  2. Little Green Planet Raw Walnut RM9.50
  3. LOHAS Organic Raw Pistachio (150g) RM 14.90

You can get them from Little Green Planet, LOHAS or supermarkets. Here’s a list of health food stores you can check out. They are also available at supermarkets (though they normally contain too much salt).

Do you snack on nuts? What is your favourite?

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