5 HEALTHY LUNCHBOX IDEAS to deliver to our frontliners

What can an ordinary person like me do to help overcome this novel coronavirus pandemic? I was feeling helpless about the situation in our country and my fears are that it will escalate to be like Italy or Spain.

So I spoke to my friends (doctors and nurses) working in government hospitals to see what I can do to help. They said:

  • stay at home
  • don’t get sick (not just coronavirus) but any sickness because going into the hospital means their attention will be diverted
  • donate masks/ sanitisers/ goggles and
  • send home-cooked food

So with the support of my family, I managed to send a few boxes of lunch to a friend working at hospital near me. Then upon hearing the initiative, my other friends started to support the effort too by donating groceries and money. We gave this project a name: #nourishMYmedics

#nourishmyMYmedics project

Our objective is to give nutritious, good quality home-cooked lunchboxes to our medical personnels to keep them healthy & happy. When speaking to my friends, I realise what they are lacking is not merely food to fill their stomach, but nutritious home-cooked food made from good quality ingredients.

Because they are so busy especially during this pandemic, many of them are surviving on fast food. If our medical staff eats like this, how do you think they’ll be healthy enough to work and fight this virus?

I thought that if we all could send some homecooked food to a medical staff we know, it would be a nice gesture. Here are some ideas along with recipes about what you can make:

1. Braised Chicken with Mushrooms & Ginger + Mixed Vegetables

On the first day, we were still lacking in fresh groceries like fruits and vegetables. We do have things for a regular mixed vegetables and dried mushrooms. So we braised the mushroom with chicken.

Recipe: Soy Braised Chicken With Mushrooms
Superfoods included are: shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, brown rice, garlic

2. Easy Steamed Herbal Chicken + Mixed Vegetables

I am a big believer of Chinese herbs. Goji berries is now a popular superfood even in the West. In this steamed herbal chicken, there are four different kinds of herbs. On the second day, we managed to get some fruits, so we packed a side of sliced oranges and mangoes too.

Recipe: Easy Steamed Herbal Chicken (5 Ingredients)
Superfoods included are: broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, brown rice, goji berries, angelica roots, solomon seal, red dates

3. Crispy Salmon + Cabbage with Turmeric

I wanted to use turmeric and black pepper together in this particular lunchbox; I read in ‘How Not To Die’, a book written by a doctor, and he said that the combination increased antioxidant by 2000%!

So I made salmon seasoned with black pepper and sea salt and fried cabbage with turmeric (those you get at Indian restaurants/mamaks). Fruits of the day were mango and green apples.

Recipe: Stir-fry Cabbage with Turmeric
Superfoods included are: turmeric, black pepper, mustard seeds, cabbage, garlic, shallots, salmon

4. Claypot Chicken Rice with Mushrooms + Sliced Cucumber

This is the easiest recipe amongst all. You can cook this even if you only have a rice-cooker. While my family did use the wok to braise the mushrooms to make them softer and more flavourful, I have a simple recipe:

Recipe: Easy Claypot Chicken Rice in Rice Cooker – 6 Ingredients
Superfoods included are: sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic

5. Chicken Spaghetti With Turmeric & Holy Basil

This is something I cooked on the first few days of Movement Control Order (MCO), listening to my doctor friends to keep myself healthy.

Menu: Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese with Mushroom, Turmeric and other spices
Superfoods included are: tomato, holy basil, onions, garlic, brown beech mushrooms

Do you personally know any frontliners? Why not deliver healthy home-cooked for them?


  1. Contact someone you know(nurses, doctors, hospital staff, police, etc) and see if they would love some home-cooked food
  2. Buy plastic containers/ cutlery I recommend this disposable containers with two compartments
  3. Buy groceries
  4. Make healthy homecooked food You can find some recipes in my food blog New Malaysian Kitchen
  5. Send your orders through GRAB/LalaMove
  6. Ask for donation from family & friends If cost is a concern ask people close to you if they would like to chip in some money

Check out the behind-the-scenes in my Instastory under ‘Quarantine’

Let’s nourish our medics!

Although I am just one person, with the support of my family and friends, together we could commit to giving nutritious food for a group of doctors daily during this MCO; they are people we personally know who are working at hospitals designated for Covid-19.

This project is NOT about the the quantity. We are not aiming to give food to our medical personnels merely cure their hunger, but giving the most nutritious food to nourish their body.

I know it’s not a lot, but if every medical staff has a friend who sends nutritious home-cooked food to them during this difficult times (and perhaps a few of his/her friends), they will be healthier and happier. Even if its just one meal.

A few people can make a small difference.

Shoutout to my friends who so willingly donate to our #NourishMYMedics project: Shen, Enoch, Charmaine, Choon Mun, Hsu Jen, Jane, Kester, Lou, Adeline, Lydia, Sasi, Cowa, Carmen Wong, Yoke Teng, Carmen Ng, Rina Siew, EcoBrown, and Choon Fatt Sauce. And most importantly, thank you Mommy for giving away the fresh food you stocked up for the MCO and cooking daily!

Thank you to our frontliners! My family and friends are grateful to you guys who are working hard and have to be separated from your loved ones during this trying times. Hang on there!

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