5 Health Conditions You’ll Get If You’re Too Obsessed with Your Phone

These days, it’s hard to get off your smartphone. Working, socialising, and even running errands become a lot easier now that we have technology to improve our lives.

While relying on your phone to get some task done instantly is good, your smartphone can slowly kill you if you’re too obsessed with it.

Are you too obsessed with your smartphone? Your entire wellbeing may be at stake. See if you have any of these conditions, according to experts:

1. Emotional disturbance
Keep scrolling on any social media site (especially Instagram or Facebook) and you may find yourself overwhelmed with unnecessary and negative feelings of OCD and FOMO, which are normally found (but not limited to) among the younger generation.

OCD stands for obsessive comparison disorder, where you constantly comparing your less-than-perfect life to your peers who seem to have it all. FOMO is similar but slightly different; you fear of missing out so you’ll go out of your way just to impress everyone and be accepted, even though it may not be your cup of tea.


2. Strained vision
If you’re a smartphone junkie, deteriorating eyesight could be around the corner, according to The Vision Council’s 2015 Digital Eye Strain Report. Participating millennials report symptoms of digital eye strain, including problems like redness, irritation or dry eyes, and can even extend into headaches, fatigue and constantly straining to make out small fonts.

3. A slipped disc
According to Kenneth Hansraj, M.D., chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, one of his studies shows that when you’re looking straight, your head is a little more than 10 pounds. Because of force, the pressure on your neck is multiplied. Over time, that can lead to rips and tears in the spaces between your neck discs, which could eventually end with more issues like a slipped disc, or in extreme cases, arthritis.

Hansraj neck

4. Loneliness
Due to the cost-effectiveness and time-saving features of smartphones (plus social media), it appears that many of us spend less and less time meeting our loved ones and friends in real life. When everyone seems to prefer spending their time socialising online, this may lead to loneliness. The relationships are no longer genuine; they’ve become superficial. The experience of actually meeting someone in person beats the online interaction any time; it can’t be emulated by technology.

5. ‘Tech neck’
Every single time you bend your head to check out your Facebook or Instagram notifications, the skin on your neck creases. Combined with skin gravity and laxity as you age, the repetitive motion causes those creases to deepen and eventually remain creased even when you are at rest. You’ll then end up with less-than-appealing looking neck.

Fast, easy and cheap solutions:

  • Remember to take plenty of breaks so your eyes aren’t constantly straining.
  • Do some light neck, head and shoulder stretches.
  • Avoid using your smartphone right before bedtime, since the blue light the screen emits can disrupt sleep.
  • Download the Moment app to keep track on how much you use your smartphone.
  • Limit your smartphone usage.
  • Be informed on the Hansraj’s neck stretches.
  • Try our Chrysanthemum flower and goji berry tea for healthier eyes!

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