5 generic & luxurious house warming gifts

When you are not sure about someone’s taste and have no wish list to refer to, buying a gift can be a headache. That is especially when the occasion does not happen every year; you want to make sure you get it right the first and possibly the last time.

If you have a housewarming party to attend, we’ve came up with 5 things you can consider getting. We avoid picking items taste-specific (e.g paintings) or things cannot be rid of through consumption and usage.These are generic things that add a touch of elegance to any home that many home-owner would appreciate.

JewelPie: Housewarming gift

1. Special edition Moet champagne
Moet’s champagne creates ‘unforgettable celebrations with the pop of a cork’.

2. Voluspa Eden & Pear Candle
Voluspa’s exquisite Eden & Pear collection blends ripe hosui pear with lemon vervaine and galbanum.

3. Voluspa Baltic Amber Diffuser from Zalora
This diffuser with a blend of amber resin, sandalwood and vanilla orchid should smell of lovely tropical.

4. Tea and sweet hamper from Parkson
Clipper Fairtrade Pure Green Tea, taditional Dodol Melaka, Ross Cottage Pistachio Nougat arranged neatly in a pretty Muscovite Lycra Box .

5. Vom FASS mini sampler
A sampler pack consisting of 3 small bottles filled with exquisite pumpkin seed oil from Austria, hazelnut oil from France and balsam apple vinegar.

Anything else makes a good housewarming gift? Let us know below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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