5 free apps to make beautiful Instagram photos and more

In between running about our daily lives, we should sometimes stop and take a breather to enjoy the beautiful moments. Though we may not be able to keep up with everything, it’s nice to capture the best moments for keepsake.


And what better way to immortalise your life experience by sharing the photos on Instagram? For the snap-happy folks, these are the 5 apps to enhance your Instagram experience:

The deets: Though the app has filters like Instagram, its filters are far more precise and subtle, giving it a sophisticated, classy vibe. You have more control over how your image is filtered with its advanced camera controls. Other features include professional-grade tools and presets, and photo and content publisher. if you’re facing a creative block, you can get inspirations too.
Perfect for: Everyone! From foodies to pro photographers.
Why you should download it: If you prefer your photos to look as if they’d been shot by Annie Leibovitz instead of ruining them with immature stickers or tacky frames, this app is for you.


The deets: The pretty app allows you to add lovely graphic text quotes and caption. There are in-app purchases, but the free pack contains inspiring words with the option to unlock other designs.
Perfect for: Positive enthusiastic people who love to churn out inspirational quotes, those who like to spread good vibe, and even creative biz owners.
Why you should download it: Aside from motivational pics, you could also announce sales and giveaways and create custom cards with the professionally designed graphics.



The deets: Take your IG videos up a notch using the app’s cool features: Slice Video (for those who’d like to share long videos), Edit Video (import a vid and play with fast-mo, slow-mo, or reverse), Video Collage (select up to 9 videos and real time playback for easy editing and composition), and Slideshow (create beautiful photo vids with transition and zooming effects).
Perfect for: Anyone who prefers simple video editing.
Why you should download it: If you hate watermarks on top of your videos, this app is watermark-free.


The deets: The key to aesthetic composition is to understand and know the balance between positive and negative space. The app provides your photos with space to live in, and allows you to post images even though it doesn’t suit a typical square format.
Perfect for: Fashionistas (p/s: Mario Testino uses it too!).
Why you should download it: Your Instagram feed read will make your photos look more like a spread in a fashion mag.


The deets: The app is part of the Adobe family and has easy access with a lot of effects that you probably don’t have to buy more (unless you want to).
Perfect for: Die-hard Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts.
Why you should download it: If you think Instagram’s setting is limited, this app offers SO much more. Look forward to its complete range of effects and colour correctors. Check out their supply shop (they’re pretty generous with free goodies); you’ll be so hooked you’ll never want to download any other app!



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