5 cool tools for a cleaner house

Housekeeping is tough. Not only it is a dirty job, it requires us to dispense a lot of energy which most of us do not have. Thankfully, we live in a modern world where there are tools and appliances to make life easier.

1. Robotic vacuum cleaner
With a robotic vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to physically sweep or vacuum the floor anymore. We have tested Samsung Navibot and LG Hombot. If you are looking for a more affordable option, consider Ecovacs’s Deebot. Deebot has an auto dust emptying system, automatic dust detection and super slim design.
Lazada RM 788


3. Hand held vacuum cleaner
Instead of wiping, just suck all the dust with a handy vacuum cleaner. We like his handheld vacuum cleaner from Dyson.
Lazada RM 1099



3. Magic Mop
There is no need to manually drain water from a mop. Just step on the pedal, and the bucket will automatically dry your mop without you having to get your hand dirty.
Lazada RM 199

Magic Mop



4. Spray Mop
With this mop, you won’t need to fill water into a pail and carry it around. There’s a bottle attached to the mop. Simply fill the bottle with hot water and two teaspoons of your favorite cleaning solution and you’re ready to mop.
Rubbermaid RM 109

rubbermaid mop


5. Sensor bin
To dispose of unwanted items, all one has to do is keep your hands within 5 to 7cm distance away from the lid which will then automatically open and then close.
Lazada RM 188

Corvan Sensor bin


What nifty tools do you use to make cleaning a breeze? Please tell us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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