5 alternative uses of pandan leaves

Pandan leaves, also known as screwpine leaves, are at abundant in Asia. We often seen it used in dessert and drinks (Try our ginger lemongrass tea). It’s also the secret to the fragrance of nasi lemak.

But do you know there are many other uses to it? We’ve round-up 5 other practical uses of pandan leaves.

1. Remove odor from your shoe cupboard
Keep a few leaves or more in your shoe cupboard to absorb odor.



2. Decoration
We love adding greens and flowers into our home. While we were decorating our kitchen corner, we incorporated screwpine leaf in a tall glass jar. We find that it looks lovely on our dressing table too.

5 alternative use of pandan leaves

3. Craft
Pandan leaves can be made into roses! (You might want to check out tomato rose too)

5 alternative use of pandan leaves

4. Car freshener
We got this tip from a friend: make a bunch of roses using pandan leaves, tie it up like a bouquet and place it the car. That’s a natural car fresher for you! Not only it is beautiful, it smells lovely too.

5 alternative use of pandan leaves3

5. Pandan flavoured sugar
If you add sugar into your tea and coffee, you might enjoy pandan flavoured sugar.


Do you have any unique use for pandan leaves? Let us know!

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