4 myths at fast food restaurant (Apple pie is as fattening as french fries!)

At JewelPie, we advocate eating healthy and that means consuming less fast food. However, we do believe it’s okay to indulge once in a while. If you’re worried about gaining weight when eating at McDonalds, here are few things about calories you might not know:

McD Malaysia

MYTH 1: Nothing is not fattening at McDonald’s

Fact: As long as you stick to the main entrée, which is the burger and not the set lunches (which include the fries and drinks), eating in McD would not add too much calories. Opt for Coke Light that has almost zero calories.

MYTH 2: Nuggets are less fattening than burgers

Fact: That is not true because 6 pcs McNuggets have higher calories than a beef burger, and higher fat content than the top three least fattening burgers in McDonald’s (Calories: 281 kcal; Fat: 17.5 gms). Furthermore, they don’t quite fill a hungry stomach as well as a burger does.

McDonald Fries

MYTH 3: Apple pies are less fattening than French Fries

Fact: Apple pies are fruits at the core, so they must be healthier! But the truth is that a small french fries (224 kcal) has similar calories with an Apple pie (233 kcal). And an apple pie has more fats (5 grams) than a small french fries. Hence, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you choose an apple pie or small french fries because they’re about the same calories.

Myth 4: French fries, Chocolate Sundaes and Oreo Mcflurry are fattening.McDonald's strawberry sundae

Fact: Well, that’s not a myth. It’s true. A medium fries, chocolate sundae, and Oreo McFlurry have more than 330 kcal each. So, should we then ban this from our diet? The answer is no. Food is to be enjoyed at a smaller serving size. Eat only half of that and you could still stay trim.


Note: Choices were made according to the nutrition panel sheet provided by the McDonald stores in Malaysia.

Do you love or hate McDonald’s?

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