5 Malaysian & Singaporean Youtube cooking channels

Ever since getting a faster internet, we’ve been spending more time on Youtube. We always believe in making good use of our time by watching channels that will educate as well as entertain.

Here are 5 Malaysian and Singaporean cooking channels we’ve subscribed to, along with one of our favourite video from them.

1. Kitchen Tigress Channel
Kitchen Tigress, a Singaporean cooking blog shares not only recipes but videos on how to make them. There are about 40 local recipes like egg tart, char koay teow and kuih angku.

2. Nyonya Cooking Channel
Nyonya cooking is hosted by a sweet-looking Malaysian girl living in Germany. It shares recipe like bubur cha cha, yu sang and ayam masak merah.

3. The Malaysian Recipes Channel
Try Masak is an online cooking and video channel in Malaysia. They have possibly hundred of videos on our favourite Malaysian food like chapatti, sambal and begedel

4. Roll Eyes Channel
Rolleyes is a visual review site of food establishments. While most of the videos are restaurant reviews, they have a few good cooking videos like making sago crystal cake.

5. Maangchi
Ok, we lied. There are very little Malaysian or Singaporean cooking channels. So we thought we’ll introduce a Korean food channel instead. Here’s a video on how to make Korean BBQ.


On top of watching videos, we’ve created a video too (follow us!). We definitely look forward to watch and create more videos; learn new dishes and improve our cooking skills.

Do you have any good  Youtube Asian cooking channel to share?

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