30 Things for Hari Raya Open House

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With Hari Raya Aidilfitri around the corner, it’s time to tidy up and change some of the old things and replace them with brand new items if necessary, whether it be for the kitchen or the living room. If you’re too tired to go for a shopping spree during the fasting month, we’ve already done the legwork for you! Delight your guests with these 30 things which we think would be perfect for your Hari Raya Open House:

Bored with the same display objects gracing your living room? It’s time to replace them or add new things to zest it up!


1. Nala Kuih Cushion in Light Green and Pink, RM180.20

2. Ahnya Chi Kebaya Cushion: Winnie-Chi, RM188

3. Kedai Bikin Merdeka Chair in Red, RM286.20

4. H&M Home Glass Candlestick, RM24.90

5. H&M Home Jute Rug, RM99


6. Aino Living Kian Polo Shoe Bench in Rubber Wood, RM299

7. H&M Home Cotton Rug, RM99.90

8. Ficus & Jar’s Rega (Triangle), RM220

9. Aino Living Weave & Woven Oval Basket, RM26.90

10. H&M Home Green Cushion Cover with Embroidery, RM59.90

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11. Aino Living Oval Lantern, RM94.90

12. Momage Art Rotan Family Framed Photo, RM180

13. LAZADA Indoor Water Fountain, RM159.90

14. Kedai Bikin Candle Stand 01, RM551.20

15. H&M Home Large Metal Tealight Holder, RM99.90

Serve your guests with these items and fill their tummies with some artisanal food and drink (don’t forget duit raya for the kids)!


1. Aino Living Artland Oasis Beverage Server, RM399.90

2. H&M Home Patterned Glass Jug, RM79.90

3. LAZADA Cookie Press Machine Biscuit Maker Set, RM29.50

4. H&M Home Wooden Bowl, RM119

5. LAZADA Multi-Function Microwave Cooker Ceramic Stoneware, RM25.80


6. Nala Dining Napkin Set in Red, RM95.40

7. Aino Living Weave & Woven Bamboo Placemat, RM9.90

8. H&M Home 4-pack Coasters in Green, RM12.90

9. Aino Living Frimo Sunflower 3 Compartments Platter, RM19.90

10. H&M Home Floral Tablecloth, RM79


11. Dancing Chillies Simply Sambalicious Assorted Flavour, RM25/jar

12. Strip Juice Peanut Butter Bliss Balls, RM30

13. K-Pok Original Keropok Cili Kuantan Party Packs, price unavailable

14. Homade Beverage Beverage Packs Assorted Flavour (minimum order 50 packs), price unavailable

15. Nala Just Jewels Angpow Box, RM85


Photo credit: Designation.co, H&M Home, AINO Living, LAZADA, K-Pok, Strip Juice, Dancing Chillies, Homade Beverage

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