30 Things For A Mooncake Festival Party


The time of lanterns and mooncakes is around the corner! Delight your guests with these 30 things which we think would be perfect for your celebration:

Grace your living room with these lovely pieces.


1. Lazada Lung Chuan Chinese Antique Ceramic Celadon 6″ Joss Pot, RM480.00

2. H&M Home Metal Candlestick, RM99.90

3. IKEA Tratt Candle Snuffer, RM9.90

4. Aino Living 5-in-1 Basket, RM39.90

5. Lazada Solar Powered Chinese Hanging Lanterns, RM29.72


6. Aino Living Fancy Pot with Flower Wax, RM14.90

7. Lazada Canvas Chinese Art, RM126.00

8. GemFive Little Twin Stars Paper Lantern With LED Light, RM14.90

9. Lazada Small Duan Ni Lucky Cat Tea Pet, RM31.00

10. Aino Living 3pcs Ceramic Candle Holder, RM39.90


11. Lazada 4pcs Chinese painting flowers and birds painting tea culture, RM217.00

12. IKEA Skukar Lantern for block candle, RM24.90

13. IKEA Sinnlig Scented tealight (Sweet berries, red), RM7.90/30 pieces

14. GemFive Hello Kitty Paper Lantern With LED Light, RM14.90

15. Lazada Amango Chinese Paper Lantern (Orange), RM13.00

All the items you’ll need to entertain your guests.


16.KARE Grandmas Flowers Assorted Bowl, price unavailable

17. Nala Designs Willow Wishes Double-Sided Placemat (Red/Pink), RM42.00

18.KARE Grandmas Flowers 25cm Assorted Plate, price unavailable

19.Lazada Lung Chuan Chinese Antique Ceramic Celadon Tea Set, RM280.00

20. Aino Living Frimo Sunflower Tray, RM29.90


21. Kinokuniya Chinese Feasts & Festivals: A Cookbook, RM49.90

22. Lazada Wooden Hand Crafted 2-Hole Mooncake Mould, RM45.00

23. IKEA Magasin Rolling Pin, RM12.90

24. Aino Living Fellamela Window Frame 2 Tiers Cake Stand, RM49.90

25. Lazada Chinese Porcelain Teaware Set, RM145.00


26. Lazada Wu Xian Organic Chinese Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea 250g, RM76.90

27. 11 Street Mid Autumn Special Selected Long Jing Tea Set, RM68.00

28. 11 Street Purple Cane Tea Mooncake Set, RM98.20

29. Lazada Moonar Chinese Black Tea, RM13.80

30. 11 Street Mei-Xin White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks, RM166.00


How is your preparation for the festival going? Share it with us below or on Facebook!

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