30 things for a lovely tea party


You can’t cook but would like to have your friends over at your place? Instead of dinner, throw a tea party instead. Besides the typical English-style tea party with scones and sandwiches, you can try a Malaysian-style tea party with keropok lekor and pisang goreng. Be creative! We’ve found some lovely things to perk things up:

1. Cake Tea Towel
RM 21.90 from Aino Living


2. Teapot with Lid
RM 39.90 from Aino Living

tea pot

3. Swirl Tea 15 pcs Set
RM 259.90 from Aino Living

tea set

4. 3 Tiers Round Serve Platter
RM 149.90 from Aino Living


5. Village Tea Storage
RM 31.90 from Aino Living


6. Heart Tea Infuser
Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Stainless steel tea infuser features spring-loaded scissor handles so hands don’t come in contact with loose leaf tea or hot, wet metal. Holds enough tea to steep a large cup or small pot.
RM 13.90 from Aino Living


7. Tea Ball Strainer
Perfect for loose-leaf teas, use tea infuser to get the full flavors of your favorite teas. Attached chain and hook lets ball conveniently hang from your cup handle.
RM 10.90 from Aino Living

tea strainer

8. Emsa Basic Jug
Black, with milk, syrup or sugar – just as varied as the different ways to enjoy your tea or coffee is also our collection of vacuum jugs, that keeps your drinks for an extra-long time
RM 109 from House Of Presentationjug

9. La gourmet® 2.0L Glass Teapot
RM 136.74 from House Of Presentation


10. Tea Infuser
Playful tea infuser that floats on the water in your mug. You can turn the infuser upside down without it spilling on the table, as the water drips into the plastic flower
RM 7.90 from IKEA

tea infuser

11. Garnera Serving Stand
The serving stand is a festive way to serve for example pastries, cheese or fruit.
RM 59 from IKEA


12. RIKLIG Tea Pot
The serving stand is a festive way to serve for example pastries, cheese or fruit.
RM 49.90 from IKEA


13. Cartoon Macarons
RM60/ 6 pcs from The Tiny Temptress


14. Pattern Paper Napkins
RM 7.90 from IKEApaper napkins

15. Napkin Holder
RM 5.9o from IKEA


16. House Napkin Holder
RM 15.90 from Aino Living


17. Sugar bowl
Price unavailable. Iwannagohome


18. Tea bag Holder
Price unavailable. Iwannagohome


19. Chinoiserie Tray
Price unavailable. Iwannagohome23807-TRAY-CHINOISERIE

20. 2 Tier Cake Stand
Price unavailable. Iwannagohomestand

21. Lotus root saucer
RM 20.99 from Purple Cane


22. Petite Periwinkle Cupcakes
RM 60/ 36 pieces from Wondermilk

23. Creamer bowl
RM 265 from Royal Selangor


24. Tea Set
RM 2385 from Royal Selangor


21. Tea Leaves
Includes Black Tea 20g, Tie Guan Yin 25g, Green Tea 10g, Puer Tea 30g and Oolong Tea 25g
RM 39.99 from Purple Cane



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