3 ways to wear snake print jeans…to work and play

Are you looking for something unique yet flexible to spice up your wardrobe? We might have something for you: snake print jeans from MNG.snakeskin mango pants1 copy

Jeans is a basic fashion item, yet the snakeskin print on this one makes it edgy. Here are some ideas on wearing it for work, dinner party and even for just a leisurely walk around the city.

Mango pants

It’s possible to look fashionable yet professional at work. To make this pants work, make sure the rest of what you’re wearing is formal. We pick a navy blue blouse. To complete the look, we recommend black, structured heels.
Satin Flowy Blouse, RM159
Tote Bag in black, RM239
Pointed Heels in black, RM399

Make it fun by matching your snakeskin pants with a plaid heels. Choose a top that is loose so that it balances the tight-jeans look. Carry a tiny clutch; not only it is light but cutet too!
Lace Panels Plaid Top, RM159
Bracelet Clutch, RM159
Plaid Stiletto Heels, RM199

If you’re going to walk for a bit, do not sacrifice comfort for style. Wear a pair of comfortable pants and a light-weight cotton top. Most importantly, give up your heels! If you want to add a little height, try this platform moccasin from MANGO.
Metallic Print T-Shirt, RM99
Bucket Bag, RM189
Platform Moccasins Shoes, RM289

All items are from MANGO.

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