3 things you can wear to make yourself slim & shapely

Most of us worry about unsightly bulges and, sometimes, choose not to put on that tight-fitting dress that makes you look like you’re in your first trimester. Shapewear can solve that problem. They are made to sculpts your body effortlessly into a curvaceous figure, resulting in defined curves.

neubodi shapewear

Whether you are wearing casual attire, such as jeans and t-shirt, or you need to get dressed up in an evening gown for a formal event, shapewear will help to make sure that your body looks its best in your clothing. Here are three different shapewear from Neubodi.

1. Hi Waist Contour Girdle RM188.00
Zoned compression controls the tummy, waist, hips and thighs. It uplifts and shapes the derriere. High on back to straighten posture and eliminate bulges.

2. Hi Waist Contour Panty RM175.00
This shapewear slenderizes the waistline and eliminate annoying bulges. The Brief provides full coverage

3. Hi Waist Contour Legging RM248.00
Zoned compression controls the tummy, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Uplifts and shapes the derriere. High on back to straighten posture and eliminate bulges.



Neubodi SuitUp Contour collection creates a curve-enhancing silhouette with the help of the naturally weaved feature, the White Bamboo Charcoal. The material radiates far infrared ray to stimulate blood circulation, it also emits anion with health properties to increase your well-being. This functional textile also has micro holes of the charred bamboo to regulate humidity effectively whilst having antibacterial material mixed in the fiber to effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce the smell.   This figure-hugging style moves with you with a hint of spandex for comfort and the perfect fit. https://www.neubodi.com/

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