3 things to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary

Our home should be our sanctuary; a place where we can unwind after a long day at work. Here are three things that can make your bedroom as relaxing as a resort.

1. Audio system
Invest in an audio sound system in your room to play slow, soothing music. Alternatively, you can play it on the phone (though we feel it’s quite distracting). We like playing gamelan and new age music. Follow our playlist on Spotify. We’ve chosen Sony audio player and Samsung Galaxy

music player

2. Plants
Make your bedroom more green by adding some plants. If you have no time to maintain real plants, get cactus or artificial ones such as these from SSF Malaysia.

Plants and Grass Mat (SSF Malaysia)


3. Aromatherapy burner
We can vouch for the therapeutic effect of aromatherapy. Pure essential oil such as lavender and geranium not only make you feel relaxed, it also makes the room smells lovely. Be sure to only buy pure essential oil, not aromatic/artificial ones . We suggest pure essential oil Alive and burner from Lazada

aromatherapy burner

Is your bedroom your sanctuary?

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