BE SAFE. 3 safety devices to carry with you

The crime rate of this country seems to be spiraling out of control. For many ladies, their personal safety is a big concern. Take charge your personal safety by being more vigilant and taking precautions. You might want to equip yourself with some safety devices which might be useful during emergency.

Ladies Parking

1. Pepper spray
Pepper spray can be use to cause temporary blindess to assailant, allowing you to escape. If you suspect that someone is following you or generally feel unsafe, keep this close in hand.
Available at Lazada RM 45.
pepper spray

 2. Personal alarm
Personal alarm makes high frequency sound that can be heard from afar. This possibly alert people around you and might scare off the attackers. It might be a good idea to hang it around your car keys as a lot of attacks happen in the carpark. SafeHom RM 28

personal alarm


2. Smart phone
A smart phone can also double up as a safety device. Besides calling for help, you can download safety app like Watch Over Me. It’s an app made by the Malaysian girl who escaped a kidnap attempt at The Curve.
Watch Over Me App- JewelPie

We believe in taking whatever step possible to keep ourselves safe and having options. There is a lot that we can do to keep this country and our family safe. Let’s start with being a more civic conscious citizen.

Do you know of any other safety devices? Let us know!


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