3 least fattening burgers at McDonald’s

At JewelPie, we believe in eating less processed food and more whole food. However, as much as we want to eat better and keep in shape, sometimes we are put in a situation that makes it impossible for us to do so.


Perhaps you boss decided to order a value meal for everyone or you’re invited to a kid’s party held at a fast food restaurant. In that case, we suggest that you choose the least fattening food and enjoy your meal!

3 least fattening McDonald's burgers

1. Cheese burger
Calories : 307 kcal
Fat : 11.8 grams

Fun fact: Cheese burger comes third in its calories and fat content. Providing exactly 2/10 of daily fat we need as adults, it is a considerably healthy option.

2. Chicken burger
Calories : 285 kcal
Fat : 9.8 grams

Fun fact: Chicken burger and McChicken are different! McChicken has about 100 more calories than a Chicken burger. Chicken burger stands at second place! Eating one chicken burger provides close to 2/10 of the daily fat we need as adults.

McDonadl's McChicken

3. Beef burger
Calories : 258 kcal
Fat : 7.8 grams

Fun fact: Beef burger has the lowest calories and lowest fat among all the burgers in McD. Eating one beef burger provides only a little bit more than 1/10 of the daily fat we need as adults.

All of the other burgers have above 400 kcal except for Fillet-O-Fish (339 kcal), which is an okay option.

Which burger do you normally order at McDonald’s? You can check the calories here: McDonalds!

Photo credit: McDonalds

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