3 basic rules to eat healthy & have more energy

Are you in the progress of adopting a healthy diet? It’s really simple. I don’t believe in making any food taboo and will happily indulge in occasional ‘unhealthy’ food. It is all about eating more food that make you feel best and limiting not-so-good foods on the nutritional scale.

Here are 3 clean eating habits I instil in my diet. These basic rules has given me the burst of energy to power me through my busy days.

natural sweetener
1. Eliminate Refined Sugar
Do you know that refined sugar is the main reason for weight gain? Yes, NOT fat, but SUGAR. Refined sugar provides nothing but empty calories. Notice that if you were to drink a can of Coke in the morning before any solid foods, your blood sugar rises along with your insulin levels and crashes right after, leaving you lethargic and tired even before lunchtime.

Natural sweeteners such as molasses, honey, maple syrup are better choices as they provide some nutrition as well as sweetness without raising your sugar levels rapidly.

natural sweetener

maple syrup from BMS Organics | agave syrup from Justlife| honey from LOHAS | black molasses from Little Green Planet

2. Avoid Processed Food
That pepperoni pizza you love to order? That is processed, unfortunately. While eating foods that are prepared from scratch is ideal, it’s hardly possible in today’s world to sit down for meals let alone a natural, home-grown one.

You don’t have to eliminate all processed foods like whole grain rice or cereal, but if you have no idea what ingredients like guar gum and Calcium propionate is, then put that box back on the shelf.

3. Combine Protein and Carbohydrates
Many spend their time eating on the go. Make sure when you do eat a meal, whether it is a simple sandwich or an elaborate five course dinner, that the meal is a balanced one. The key here is to provide the most satisfaction to your appetite so you will be less tempted to eat junk food.

This habit is sure to fuel your body well and quash those midnight hunger pangs. Examples of classic protein and carbohydrate combo: whole grain cereal and low-fat milk, fried rice with an egg and apple sandwich with peanut butter (recipe here).

apple sandwich

Next I will be sharing more about how to spice up healthy meals!

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