3 air-filtering indoor plants under RM 50

I’ve long gave up on the state of the air in Malaysia; the fact is the haze is not about to go away anytime soon. As I’m concerned about the kind of air that we’re breathing in, I decided to take positive measures to make the best out of the dire situation. Besides installing an app to check the air quality, I’ve also been considering to get an air-filter for the home.


While finding out about air-filtering plants, I found a TED talk by Kamal Meattle “How to grow your own fresh air“. Inspired to grow my own air, I started on a green project to have fresh air at home…beginning at the living room.

I’ve placed three air-filtering plants at the living room. As I’ve little time to care for them, these plants have to be hardy. After some research, these are three air-filtering plants I bought from the nursery.


1. Money Plant (RM 6)
If you’re into feng shui, you’ll love this auspicious plant. It’s also an easy plant to care for which requires minimal watering. However, this plant is toxic to cat and dogs. So pet owners should be careful to keep the plant away from them.

Care: Tolerate low and thrives in bright light. Avoid direct sun. Keep soil slightly dry between watering as it does not do well in soggy soil. Yellow leaves is a sign of over watering.

Filters: benzene, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene

money plant

2. Areca Palm (RM 20)
This is probably my favourite plant as it gives a tropical vibe and reminds me of the beach. Areca palm takes in carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen. For best results, Meattle suggest four shoulder length plants for every person.

Care: Filtered, not direct light. Water plants as soon as the plants feel dry.

Filters: Xylene and toluene


3. Chinese Evergreen (RM 20)
One of the three plants Kamal Meattle suggested is Snake Plant. However, this plant release oxygen at night and is recommended to be placed in the bedroom. I decided to choose a plant suitable for the living area and settled on Chinese Evergreen, a plant commonly found in shopping malls in Malaysia due to its easy maintenance. True enough, compared to Money Plant and Areca Palm, the leaves rarely brown and look the freshest of them lot.

Filters: benzene, formaldehyde

Care: Place in a low light area to avoid leaves from turning gray. Water regularly as this plant loves it. Don’t mist it to avoid spots on the leaves.


 Now get these plants and grow some air!

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