25 smart ways to store herbs and spices

Considering the amount of herbs and spices in an average Asian kitchen, storing them systematically is a challenge. Here are some smart ideas on how to store and label your collection of herbs and spices.

1. Chalkboard paint
Put spices in see through jars and write labels on top of them for easy identification. We love how the chalkboard paint is used to label them.


2. Tic-tac container
Store herbs and spices in small tic-tac containers. Great to bring along to campings!


3. Under the shelf pull-out rack
Keep herbs and spices away from sight in a smart under the shelf pull-out rack.


4. Magnetic spice rack behind shelf door
Save space and keep spices organized by creating a magnetic spice rack behind shelf door.


5. Magnetic spice rack on fridge
Lacking cupboard space to store your spices? How about sticking them on the fridge?


6. Test tube
Keep spices in test tubes and write label on the cork. Now experimenting in the kitchen sounds just right!


7. Angled spice drawers
Spices angled in 45 degrees enable you to identify them easily.


8. Turning spice rack on the counter
If installing cabinets does not work for your kitchen, get a turning spice rack and label them for easy identification.


9. Spice bottle with hanger
We like how the jar of spices are hung on the wall- making storage like work of art.


10. Magnetic honeycomb jar
Hexagon jar of spices when stuck on the magnetic board looks like honeycomb.


11. Over the door fabric organizer
Save cabinet space by using an over the door shoe rack organizer to keep your herbs and spices.


12. Pull-out spice drawer
A vertical pull-out spice rack creates an incredible amount of storage space.


13. Door spice rack
A typical door spice rack behind cabinet door keep them neat and convenient.


 14. Spice rack at the end of an island

Do not waste the space at the end of the island. Use it to keep spices in a shallow kitchen cabinet.


15. Decorative wall spice cabinet
Arrange colorful herbs and spices in this decorative open cabinet. How lovely!



16. Hanging rack inside the cabinet drawer
Use a hanging rack inside the cabinet door for holding spices


17. Soft drink crate
A soft drink crate turned into a wall spice cabinet.


18. Spice holder on metal rod
If you have no more wall or cabinet space, consider hanging a spice holder over the metal rod.



19. Under the shelf magnetic spice rack using stainless steel ruler
Make use of every inch of your kitchen. If space a premium in your kitchen, you might like an under-shelf magnetic spice rack. Stick bottles of herbs and spices on a stainless shell ruler!

ruler1 ruler2

20. Lazy susan inside a deep cabinet
Never search for that one spice in deep cabinet- keep them on a lazy susan.


21. Cabinet behind the door
Do not waste the space behind the pantry door. Build a full-length cabinet to keep herbs and spices.


22. Mop holder as spice holder
Use a mop holder to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door. (no more searching through the deep cupboard for that one spice!) Ingenious!!!


23. Frame magnetic chalkboard
A visible and beautiful spice storage on a framed magnetic board.



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