20 walk-in-wardrobe inspirations

Have you seen a beer commercial where a group of girls screamed in excitement upon entering a room packed with clothes? (The boys were ecstatic over a room filled with beers instead). Yup, a huge walk-in-wardrobe is probably every girl’s dream. Here are some ideas on how you can decorate your future walk-in-closet.

1. Chandelier
A chandelier makes this walk-in-wardrobe a lot more posh than it already is.


2. Attic
Even as small space such as an attic can be turned into a lovely walk-in-wardrobe.



3. White
A wardrobe with white cabinets and wall makes the room appears bigger.

4. Cosmetic table
We like how a cosmetic table is placed in the middle of the wardrobe.

5. Pull-out drawers
To maximise space in a small walk-in-closet, install narrow pull-out drawers to keep scarfs and belts.

6. Sliding door
Instead of a door, we like how this wardrobe is separated from the bedroom with a long sliding door.

7. Translucent sliding door
A translucent sliding door enable you to peek into your clothes, bags and shoes.

8. Long walk-in-wardrobe
A closet need not necessarily be big to be beautiful. A long and narrow one like this look just as good.

9. Wardrobe between the bedroom and the bathroom
Just like Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in-wardrobe in her apartment.

10. Metal and wood
This wardrobe using metal and wood in dark colour is suitable for those who are looking for a more masculine design.

11. High cabinet
For a small and narrow walk-in-wardrobe, install high cabinets to make use of every inch of the small space.

12. Cushion sofa
Cushion sofa makes a walk-in-closet feels like a luxury boutique.

13. Mirror cabinet
A reflective cabinet instead of a wooden one bring out a fun and modern appeal.



14. Seating space
We would think that seating place at the end it meant for one to sit and admire all her fashion stash.



15. Curtain
A curtain is an easy way to hide clothes, especially when they are untidy.


16. Curtain divider
Create a walk-in-wardrobe using a curtain as a divider. (via Furniturezz.com)



17. Black and white
Decorate your private space in black and white. (via Pinterest)



18. Pop of colour
Make your wardrobe fun with colourful furniture and decoratives such as a bright red stool. (via Modmedmere)



19. Built-in cabinets for odd angles

20. Face two cupboards together
If you don’t have another bedroom, put two cupboards facing each other forming a space for a walk-in-wardrobe.

 Which is your favourite walk-in-closet?

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