20 food & decor ideas for a beach-themed party

We are throwing a beach-themed birthday party next week. Instead of filling half the table with sugar-laden cakes and cookies, we want to make the party as healthy as possible. So we look for some recipes and decor idea on the net and found heaps of great ideas!

1. Coconut water with decorative umbrella
(via Pinterest)


2. Ocean water
We are thinking of adding natural blue colour into water using butterfly pea flower. We frequently use it to colour our rice blue. (from Indulgy)

ocean water

3. Blue drinks in bottles
Ocean water’ can also be presented in glass bottles with blue straws. (from The Wedding Season)

blue drinks

4. Water bottle with shells
Another method is wrap blue paper around mineral water bottles and stick shells on them. (from Pinterest)

water bottle with shells

5. Seashell pasta
Seashell shape pasta, or conchiglie, can be used to make pasta. (from Spoonful.com)



6. Paper napkin
We like how these napkins looks like typical beach towel (from IKEA RM 4.90 for 30 pcs)

paper napkin


7. Cutlery holder
Blue paper napkin, brown strings and Polo mint will do the trick. (from Journey to Fab)



8. Sand and sea shells centre piece
A simple centre piece with sand, shells and candles. (via Pinterest)



9. Seashell candle
This is a lovely idea though admittedly a little difficult to do. (vir Rbpk)

seashell candle


10. Dolpin banana
A simple and fun way to display bananas; carve them into dolphins and arrange them on a bed of grapes. (via Pinterest)

dolphin banana

11. Veggie boats
These sail boats are made from capsicums, hummus, cucumbers and toothpicks.  (from Oh Happy Day)

veggie boats


12. Shell food place cards
Food place cards can be put on shells. (from Beau Coup)

food place cards


13. Crab croissant
This croissant has carrots, strawberries and olives as its limbs and eyes. (from Completely Coastal)

crab croissant


14. Fruit kabok blowfish
Cute blowfish made from fruits, toothpicks and skewers. (from Moments with the Montanos)

kabob blowfish

15. Seashell chocolates
A box of Guylian chocolates can be displayed on a blue platter. (My Gift Shop)

Guylian Choco


16. Pool
A small baby pool can be used as a huge ice bucket to chill drinks. (from Polyvore)

17. Starfish cookies on sand
Starfish butter cookies laid on crushed crackers (via Pinterest)

starfish cookies

18. Beach basket
Watermelon can be made into a variety of things including a beach basket (via Watermelon.org) Check out 22 creative fruit art.

beach basket


19. Prawn cocktail
A beach party should have seafood such as prawn cocktails. (from Sips and Spoonful)

prawn cocktail

20. Beach ball straw tag (from Etsy)

straw tag

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