20 Fun Things To Do To Celebrate Malaysia’s 58th Birthday!

Hari Merdeka is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it by doing all things Malaysian? These are the things that you might want to do to celebrate Malaysia’s 58th Independence Day:

1. Learn other local languages and dialects
Most of us are fluent or conversant in English and Bahasa Malaysia, so why not learn other languages or dialects widely spoken in Malaysia, if you’re a non-speaker? Not only is it fun, such knowledge in a particular language or dialect may benefit you someday!

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2. Learn other local cultures’ cooking
Food bonds all of us, and admit it; Malaysians love to eat 24/7, a special trait that is inherent in us! But instead of hanging out at the Mamak all the time, pick up a recipe book (or just browse for free recipes online) and cook something from the other cultures in Malaysia. Invite all your friends and impress them!


3. Try out other local cultures’ traditional attire
The Merdeka celebration only happens once a year, so organise a party or dinner with a special dress code asking everyone to dress up in any local traditional attire (of their choice) apart from their own. See the beauty in embracing other people’s culture!


4. Learn the taboos in other (local) cultures
There are different taboos and things that are frowned upon in every culture, and knowing about them can help avoid tension, misunderstanding and disharmony. Sit down with other people from different culture and learn a thing or two about taboos in their point of view (you’ll also do vice versa to enlighten the other people).


5. Learn everything you can about other local cultures
Since there are so many cultures in Malaysia, it’s only proper that we try our best to learn everything we can about each culture there is, out of respect and curiosity.

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6. Organise a ‘story-telling’ potluck
Ask your friends from various cultures to each bring over home cooked traditional cuisine. This will allow for everyone to try out the food they may not normally have every other day. You can talk about Malaysian stories while enjoying the food.


7. Get to know your ancestors and their sacrifices
Instead of relying solely on your Sejarah textbook (which isn’t always complete and accurate) ask your elders and get to know your ancestors and what they’ve done to lead Malaysia to her independence. You’ll definitely be more appreciative with what you have now because someone fought hard for you to deserve it.

8. Write a Merdeka-themed book
So you’ve asked your elders and found out more about your ancestors and their sacrifices and whatnots; how about you turn your historical journal into a proper book? See what’s missing in the current market and reach out to your audience (if you think your writing is too sensitive, find an alternative publisher!). Also, if your writings are too short to be published, submit them for a Merdeka-themed contest.


9. Have a mature, intellectual discussion/ Teh Tarik Time!
Sit down with your friends from various cultures to reflect on the things that have happened so far, and what all of you can do for a better, more harmonious Malaysia. Share each other’s common values and aspirations to commit to a brighter nation.


10. Design an outfit or fashion accessories made from Jalur Gemilang
Why not make an outfit using our national flag? You can be as creative as you want! Show them off on Merdeka day (or when you go to the countdown at Dataran Merdeka the night before).

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11. Learn all the Merdeka songs and make your own rendition
This one is especially for music lovers or the musically-gifted! Try learning all the Merdeka songs and make your own rendition, and while you’re at it, post it on YouTube too. Who knows, people will love it or someone might discover you and you can be the next Merdeka song composer!

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12. Create your own special Merdeka concoction
If you’re a foodie, be creative in the kitchen and think of a new creation inspired by Malaysia’s independence. If it turns out well, you can make a food business out of it! Try our Merdeka Ombre Drink and complement it with Merdeka Tea Party Snacks!


13. Visit Historical Places in Kuala Lumpur
Bored at home? Go out and learn about Malaysia and its people at the National Museum, or go snap-happy at the National Monument. Also, check out plenty of other historical places worth sight-seeing like Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad.

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14. Socialise and make more friends with people from other cultures
Not enough friends from other cultures? Go out and socialise!

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15. Decorate your place
If you can afford it, decorate your place extravagantly with plenty of flags, lights and other suitable decorative items.

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16. Read books about Malaysia
When it comes to history-related books, don’t just read from one source (or you’ll have a bias viewpoint); read from various sources as much as you can. If you prefer something light, there are also other books by Malaysians about Malaysia that are worth reading (in many themes and genres). Support local authors!

Kinokuniya Malaysia

17. Get crafty
Create an artwork inspired by Malaysia’s independence to celebrate the special day (sell it if it’s good enough!).

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18. Watch Merdeka-themed movies, TV shows or plays
If you’d rather stay in than go out to crowded places to celebrate Hari Merdeka, watch Merdeka-themed movies, TV shows or plays at the Istana Budaya. RTM normally airs plenty of Merdeka-themed movies or TV shows.

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19. Attend a Merdeka Eve Party
Counting down the historic moment is a lot more fun when you do it with so many other Malaysians! Go to the Dataran Merdeka or any other places that organise a Merdeka Eve Party, like the Indiego & Co X Solid Gold Merdeka Eve Party at Pisco Bar, Bukit Bintang. Entrance is free!

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20. Attend the Merdeka Parade (and lookout for TV crews for your 15 minutes of fame)
 If you want to grab a good seat with a great view, get to the Dataran Merdeka early! If you’d rather be on TV, stand near where the TV crews are located. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to be interviewed by them (make sure you prepare your ‘speech’ and dress well!).

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JewelPie wishes you Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Which one of these would you be interested in doing? Share your thoughts with us below or on Facebook!

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