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Everyone has a different definition to eating healthy. Some insist on eating organic food, others believe in eliminating meat altogether.

At JewelPie, we believe in balance. Whenever we can, we make fresh food from scratch, include more greens and fruits and reduce processed food.


But, once in a while, we think it’s okay to indulge in delicious food which are not necessarily healthy. We’ll always be glad to make rich chocolate moose for a party or order a plate of maggi goreng at mamak.


However, we really admire those who go out of the way to eat healthy and encourage others to join their cause. Here are two of our favourite Malaysian websites which promote a healthy living.

JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers

A Malaysian mother of two makes creative bento to encourage her kids to eat healthy.  You’ll see Superman, Hello Kitty, Corpse Bride, Rapunzel and other cartoon character made from fresh food.

We love to see how she incorporates rice, seaweed, vegetables and fruits into an interesting bento. You can also follow her on Instagram


Eat light Asia is a website which promotes vegetarianism for a better health and planet. You can find interesting vegetarian recipes and some reviews on products and restaurants.

Their recipes are often simple and accompanied with clear photographs. We’ve tried their sago gula melaka and it turned out well. They also provide a list of vegetarian restaurants in Malaysia.




If you know of any blogs in Malaysia which promotes a healthy lifestyle, please drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

Photo credit: Eatzy Bitzy & Eat Light Asia

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