15 work-wear essentials for a brand new image

Have you examine the set of clothes you habitually wear to your office? Do they exude the kind of image that will propel your career to greater heights? If, not it’s time to overhaul your wardrobe. Donate worn-out clothes and make way for a brand new wardrobe with these essentials.

1. Sleeveless black dress from H&M
RM 119 

sleeveless dress


2. Light Skirt from ZARA
RM 79.90
pencil skirt

3. Light Skirt from ZARA
RM 79.90


4. Satchel Bag from Dorothy Perkins
RM 183


5. Checkered Trousersfrom ZARA
RM 99.90


6. Bow Tie Long Sleeve Blouse from Uniqlo
RM 79.90


7. Figure Fit Jacket from H&M
RM 149

figure fit jacket

8. Quilt Flat Pumps from Dorothy Perkins
RM 83


9. Loafer heels from Charles & Keith
RM 149.90


10. Tweed pants  from Uniqlo
RM 79.90

tweed pants

11. Knotted Long Dress from ZARA
RM 119

knotted dress

12. Knit Cardigan from H&M
RM 79.90


13. Button Up Roll Sleeve Shirt from Dorothy Perkins
RM 129

off white blouse

14. Gusseted Tote from Charles & Keith
RM 309.90


15. Midi Dress from Topshop
RM 133



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