15 things you can do on blackboard walls

Remember blackboard in school? With a kind of paint, it’s possible to turn an entire wall into one. What fun it would be to write and draw on a blackboard wall! Here are inspirations on what can be done on these walls:

1.  Draw frames on the bed beside your wall (photo by Poppytalk)


2. Write a weekly menu at the kitchen counter (photos via It’s Katie, Darling)

chalkboard wall

3. A quote at the dining area  as a reminder to be thankful with food on the table (via Pinterest, KateKeeSee)

chalkboard wall 3


4. Label kid’s stationary on the wall (photo from Parents.com)


5.  Draw a virtual tree (photo by Knitalatte11)

chalkboard wall

6. Write a welcome message (photos from Simply Sadie Jane)

chalkboard wall 6

7. Draw a patterned wall (photo from MoxandFodder)

chalkboard wall 7

8. Draw a mirror
We will write “You look good already” (photo from Foter.com)


9. Paint the wall according to the weather (photo from decopeques.com)

chalkboard wall

10. Write mathematical formula (photo dustjacket-attic.com)

chalkboard wall

11. Draw a bookshelf  (photo from Inspiredbycharm.com)

chalkboard wall

12. Play tic-tac-toe! (photos from Denbow)

chalkboard wall

13. Use it as a photobooth! (photo by greenweddingshoes.com)

chalkboard wall

14. Write recipes (photo from Pinterest)

chalkboard wall 13

15. Write quotes and draw within frames (photo from the36thavenue.com)

chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paints are available at Echoline Hardware Store at Damansara Uptown and Murobond Paints at Bandar Sunway.

If you can turn one of the walls in your house into a chalkboard, where would you do it? Tell us on Facebook !

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