15 swings you’ll love to have at home

Swings reminds many of us of a happy childhood. A time where we have no care of worries. Why not bring back those feelings by installing one at home? We have some ideas for you:

1. Swing in the bedroom
We adore this wooden swing made with white ropes and wood painted in turquoise.
(source: www.happymundane.com)

2. See-through swing
ZARA RM 289 (source: www.pinterest.com)



3. White rattan swing
This white rattans wing would be perfect adorned with a huge, fluffy pillow. (source: pinterest)


4. Outdoor bed swing
Play, read or sleep in a suspended bed! (source: lovenordic.blogspot.com)swing

5. Rattan swing hung on a tree
A swing like this would make anyone wants to stay outdoor more! (source: paloma81.blogspot.com)


6. Trapeze
Play acrobatics at home with an in door trapeze! (source: Marthastewart.com)


7. Bird cage swing
We don’t mind being trap in this cage with a book! (source: design-milk.com)


8. DIY Outdoor pallet swing
Looking at this DIY swing, we cannot think  of a better way to spend an afternoon. (source: themerrythought.com)


9. Swings surrounding a fire pit
(source: pinterest.com)


10. Cushion swing in the bedroom
This seat is a perfect reading place. (source: girlyme.tumblr.com/)


11. Table and swings
Swinging at work or during meals? Hmm… (source: tumblr.com)


12. Tyre swing
This is perhaps the easiest swing to build but still fun, nonetheless. (source: http://jomccomiskey.blogspot.com.au)


13. Swinging ladder
A ladder and a sitting swings make a simple playground at the garden. (source: feefeern.wordpress.com)


14. Rattan swing by the waterfalls
How the man got into the swing, we have no idea. But if we were him, we wouldn’t want to leave!
(source: loveisspeed.blogspot.com)


15. Sea swing
Now, none of us have a sea at the back of our house where we can build this swing. But a girl can dream!
(source: journeyinsidemyhead.tumblr.com)

Do you dream of having a swim in your home?

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