15 Low-Maintenance DIY Terrarium Inspirations For Home

Love the idea of gardening but less keen at maintaining it? For those with limited skill and time to tend a garden, we recommend that you start simple with a terrarium that you can do yourself if you want some greenery in your home. Terrariums not only help in absorbing certain toxic pollution, it’s beautiful to look at.

Some of the things you’ll need for the mini DIY project include a clear glass or plastic container, small stones, potting soil, activated charcoal, plants, moss, and cool ornaments which could be found at garden stores. These are the 15 low-maintenance DIY terrarium for home as your inspiration:

1. Coffeepot Terrarium
Make good use of an extra coffeepot.

Photo credit: www.makezine.com

2. Lightbulb Terrarium
An eco-friendly way to recycle your lightbulb.

Photo credit: www.etsy.com

3. Lantern Terrarium
A lantern is also a great container for terrarium.

Photo credit: www.craftgawker.com

4. French Press Terrarium
Tired of making coffee? Make a pretty terrarium instead.

Photo credit: www.tumblr.com

5. Ancient Buddha Zen Garden Terrarium
Perfect for the spirituals.

Photo credit: www.pinterest.com

6. Necklace Terrarium
A mini garden you could carry around? How neat.

Photo credit: www.crafthubs.com

7. Star Wars Terrarium
This is specifically for Star Wars fans.

Photo credit: www.visualnews.com

8. Mini Terrarium
This is the second easiest to maintain after the necklace terrarium.

Photo credit: www.target.com

9. Pendant Lamps Terrarium
Avoid roasting the plants by using 5-watt bulbs.

Photo credit: www.handmadecharlotte.com

10. Christmas Ornament Terrarium
Recycle your Xmas decoration.

Photo credit: www.kmnelsondesign.com

11. Conical Flask Terrarium
Science lovers would delight in these.

Photo credit: www.etsy.com

12. Wall-mounted Terrarium
Put your earthly creation on full display.

Photo credit: www.etsy.com

13. Magnetic Test Tube Terrarium
Grab a cork, a test tube and a magnet…voila!

Photo credit: www.olivebites.blogspot.in

14. Cake Stand Terrarium
If you don’t bake cakes often, put the cake stand to good use.

Photo credit: www.wired.com

15. Jug and Salt Shaker Terrarium
It appears that whatever is in your kitchen is useful.

Photo credit: www.poetichome.com

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