15 fun things you can do with eggshells

How many eggshells have you thrown away in your lifetime? Probably a lot. Did you know that you can do a lot of cool crafts with them? It can be used as a vase or a vessel to put a secret message. We’ve rounded up 15 interesting things you can do with eggshells.

1. Use eggshells and flowers for a creative centrepiece
(via Little Inspiration)

egg shell

2. Fill eggshells with paint and toss them at canvas or paper
(via Brauksimkopa)


egg shell

3. Carve it into Eiffel Tower
ZARA RM 289 (via Funzug)

egg shell


4. Make a story with a marker pen
(via Funzug)

egg shell

5. Make ornaments to hang on trees
(via Homelife)

egg shell


6. Make pencil holder in the shape of owl
(via The Star)


egg shells

7. Paint it to look like a penguin
(via Pinterest)


egg shell


8. Slip a message into an eggshell and have the receiver to crack open it
ZARA RM 289 (via Oh Crafts)


egg shell

9. Make cakes in eggshells
(via Buzzfeed)

egg shell cake

10. Write a message or song lyrics in it
(via Flickr)

egg shell lyrics

11. Make concrete eggs for decoration
(via Ella Inspiration)

egg shell

12. Seedlings in eggshells
(via Flickr)

egg shell

13. Make eggshell candles
(via Pinterest/starfishthreads)


egg shell candles

14.  Turn it into tulips


egg shell

15. Peel off eggshells to reveal scrambled egg.  (Food Hacks)
Wrap an egg in a shirt, spin it around, boil it and you’ll get a whole scrambled egg!

egg shell scramble

What other interesting things can we do with egg shells?

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