15 decor and food ideas for a horse themed party

According to the Chinese calendar, 2014 is the year of the horse. While searching for inspiration to decorate the house this lunar new year, we found some beautiful decor idea for a horse-themed party.

1. Chocolate cake
A chocolate in the shape of a horse (by Cake Central)Horse themed cake

2. Horse Candles
Pink candles holders in the form of galloping horses (via Kiki And Polly)

horse candles

3. Vintage horses paper bunting
Bunting always makes a party feel a lot more festive. This one has photos of horses printed on it. (by Vintage and Nostalgia)Vintage Horses Bunting

4. Horses Decorative Baby Mobile
This mobile is not just fit for kids, but a horse-themed party too. (by Lulla)

horses mobile

5. Watermelon horse
Watermelon is such a versatile fruit. You can craft it into anything including a horse! Check out our 10 amusing edible craft from watermelon (via Shutterbug)horse

6. Party pack
If you have party packs to giveaway, put it in a brown paper bag decorated with doilies and paper horses. (from Kara’s Party Ideas)


7. Horse Cupcakes
One of the cutest cupcakes we’ve seen! (by Lori Haeseler)horse cupcakes

8. Doilies Garland
Make a bunting using a long yarn, doilies and cut-out paper horses! (from Celebrations.com)Doily Garland Horses

9. Horse cake
If the first cake is too difficult to make, just buy a regular cake and top up with a miniature toy horse. (from Kara’s Party Ideas)horse cake

10. Water bottle
Have horses printed on a label for your water bottles. (from Kara’s Party Ideas)


11. Cupcake toppers
Bright coloured cupcake toppers. (from Below Blinks)

horse party topper

12. Horse cookies
Cookies in the shape of horses! (from Trully Custom Cakery)

horse cookies

13. Horse jar
Make beautiful jars  (via One Tough Mother)Horse Jar

14. Hobby Horse
We can’t resist including this though it’s probably only good for children’s party (from Chickabug). If you would really like one, it’s available at IKEA at RM 39.90country-western-cowgirl-party25

15. Horse tail
Use ribbons to make ‘horse tails’ for every chair (from Catch My Party)horse tail

Will you be decorating your home for  lunar new year?

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