15 unconventional christmas trees

Don’t have space for that huge, typical Christmas tree at your living room? That doesn’t mean you can’t have something beautiful to put all the presents under. With a little creativity, common things like hangers and tripod can be turned into a beautiful Christmas ‘tree’.

1. Cardboard box
Make a tree out of cardboard. You can event paint or draw on it. Instructions at Instructables

christmas tree

2. Books
Are you a bookworm? Stack all of your books into a tree!christmas tree

3. Felt
This is perfect for those who have kids. It allows the little ones to paste felt ornaments on it again and again. Felt Christmas tree tutorial


4. Lights
This is our favourite. One your bare walls, line LED lights into the shape of a christmas tree. (via Shelterness)



5. Tripod
Are you an avid photographer and have a trusty tripod? Make it into a tree! Well, that is if you don’t need to use it on Christmas day. (via Swissmiss)minimal_tree

6. Washi tape
This must be the easiest Christmas tree to make. Simply paste washi tape on the wall. This tape can be removed from the wall easily without leaving any stain. (via www.allwashitape.blogspot.com)


7. Duct tape on blinds
Paste green duct tapes on blinds to make a Christmass tree! (via Ephemeralle)


8. Clothes hanger
Hangers can be turned into a tree too. (via Hezra)hanger

9. Tree branch
A naked christmas tree using tree branch. (via Heze In France)branch

10. Ladder
Because a ladder and a christmas tree both share the same shape. (via Ne Design Built)


11. Balloon
If you’re not afraid of balloons, this can be a good Christmas tree subsitute. (via Martha Gallen)


12. Rake
A lot of things can be made into a Christmas tree, including an old rake. (via Pinterest)


13. Bookshelf
Though not as easy to execute as the rest, making a Christmas tree out of things on a bookshelf is a brilliant idea nonetheless. (via Pinterest)bookshelf

14. Christmas ornaments
Pretty Christmas ornaments is pasted on the wall and arranged into the shape of a christmas tree. (via Bohemian Tree House)


15. Tulle
Yes, the material used to make tutu that ballerina wear can be made into a fluffy Christmas tree! (via Flickr)


Do celebrate Christmas? If yes, do you have a Christmas tree at home?

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