14 super simple heart-shaped food V-day

Are you doing anything special for your love ones this Valentine’s day? Whether you have skills or not, you can make these simple food to show that you care.

1. Bread for dipping
Make a bowl of tomato soup and serve it with a heart-shape toast!

2. Peanut butter and jam sandwich
Don’t spread jam all over your bread ;) (from Mimmi Penguin)


3. Sandwich
Sandwiches, on Valentine’s Day, should be in heart shapes! (from Zsa Zsa Bellagio)

heart sandwich

4. Bacon
Make a long strip of bacon into heart shape and put in the oven to bake! (from The Paper Mama)


5. Strawberry heart cocktails
Decorate cocktails with a slice of strawberry on the tip of the glass. (from Food Ideas Recipes)strawberry

6. Watermelon
Make edible hearts from a watermelon. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, use a knife. (via Easy Recipes)


7. Egg
Surprise your love one at breakfast with a heart shaped egg on a toast. (from Mocha Cafe)


8. Apple
Make a heart with a cookie cutter of a red and a green apple. Then, put the red heart in the green apple and vice versa.  (from Active.ge)



9.  Heart fruit kebab
Cut watermelon, honeydew and pineapple with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and put them onto a skewer. (via Hatter and Hare Event)
fruit kebab


10. Rosemary heart potatoes
Fried, heart-shape potatoes. Now, that’s one interesting fries. (Recipe at Haniela)


11. Heart shape pizza
Remember out 15 minutes petai pizza? Cut the bread into heart shape and bake as usual. (From Food Ideas Recipes)



12. Cherry tomato
Halved cherry tomatoes and put them together with a toothpick! (from Happy Little Pyro)

13. Fruit salad
Make your fruit platter lovelier by arranging them into a heart shape. To make it easier, put cut fruits on a heart-shaped tray or plate. (via Darling Doodle Designs)


14. Orange
Arrange oranges into a heart (from Tumblr).

Make one of these for Valentine’s Day!

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