13 simple resolutions ideas for 2013


Resolutions are merely guidelines to help us reach our goals, not a definitive order. Sometimes we set our expectation too high and end up disappoint. Other times, we word our resolutions so vaguely we don’t now where to start.

This year, we aim to set a kinder but effective resolution- one that helps us achieve our goal slowly but surely. We’ve also put them in form of positive action which make you more likely to do it, according to David Allen of GTD, a productivity consultant

Here is a suggested list of 13 resolution you might like to add to your list in the year of 2013

1. Keep fit Exercise twice a week for 20 minutes each session

2. Eat more fruits Eat a fruit at every meal

3. Drink more water Bring a 1 litre water-bottle to work and finish it before the day ends

4. Not skip breakfast Spare 10 minutes every morning for a glass of oat or a slice of bread with jam.

5. Learn to cook Try to cook one simple meal you can proudly take to a pot-luck party

6. Look better Allocate one hour each weekend to pamper yourself- paint your nails, put on a mask and do a deep hair treatment.


7. Be more organized Keep the house clean by collecting unwanted items into a bag weekly. Store in a room and, when collected enough, donate to those in need.

8. Have a hobby Watch one television show less and spend that time doing something you think you’re too busy to do.

9. Stress less Save time by doing chores and pay bills you can online- online payment, bills & even shopping.

10. Better relationship with family and friends Resolve any argument before bedtime. Do not go to bed angry.

11. Travel Tell friends to eye on valuable travel on a group buying site and go on an all-girls trip your friends has always been talking about.

12. Be ahead at work Put your phone on silent an keep it in the drawer to avoid going on Whatsapp and Facebook. Give your full concentration on your work in hand and switch off after work.

13. Meet more people Put on a smile at a party and say hello to at least one new person.

We hope these suggestion helps you be healthier, feel better, live neater and have a little more time for other joy in life. To a great year ahead!

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