12 ways to save money on groceries

Due to the goods and services tax (GST), many of us are forced to cut down on our spending. However, at JewelPie, we try not to skimp on food. Food directly affect our health and without good health we can’t do what makes us happy or work efficiently. We’ve come up with some tips to save money on groceries and yet be able to buy nutritious food.
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1. Shop on days where food items are on offer
Supermarkets normally have food items on offer on certain days. Plan to go groceries shopping on days where there are food products that you need (especially if it is costly and you need them in large quantities). Normally on the weekends, supermarket will advertise their promotional items on newspapers. Do lookout for it.

2. Stock up items which are on offer
Be meticulous and gauge how long before certain items are finishing soon. If you will finish your coffee in a month time, buy more during promotion.

Our family needs to buy Coffee-Mate creamer which cost about RM 7.50 every three weeks.  When it is on promotion, the price can drop to RM 5. That is when we make sure we buy a few more packets.

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3. Buy items in bulk
Items that are in bulk gives more value for money than individual items.

4. Buy mostly fresh products
Buy more fresh products than those in packaging. Fresh tomatoes will cost a lot less than canned tomatoes. Why? For canned products, we are not only paying for the food itself, but the packaging and marketing as well.

5. Buy house brand
If you have to buy packet or canned food, buy one from a house brand. A study from the Private Label Manufacturer Association in the UK found that consumers save an average of 33% on total grocery bill by buying store brands (source: Forbes)

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6. Make a shopping list
Many of us buy things we want but do not need, such as that packets of potato chips or the new item that’s on promotion. To prevent yourself from giving in to buying unnecessary things, make a shopping list and stick to it.

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7. Don’t shop when you’re hungry
Do not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You are likely to buy more food than you need.

8. Buy groceries online
Buying groceries online could save you money. While you have to spend a small sum for delivery, it probably helps avoid you from impulse buy. Besides, you could save on petrol and parking fees too.

5 Tips for online grocery shopping at TESCO e-shop

9. Join membership of supermarket to collect points
Many supermarkets have membership card. It allows you to collect points which will be turned into cash coupon.

10. Apply credit card with cash rebates for groceries
Keep an eye on credit cards which provide cash rebates for groceries. American Express for example offers five times cash rewards.

11. Bring your own shopping bag
On ‘No Plastic Bag Day’, you are required to pay for your shopping bags. Bring your own shopping bag instead. If you were to use a house brand bag, you might even get club points which can translate to cash.

12. Limit buying food with GST and buy more fresh food
Be aware of food with GST and limit buying them. Buy more fresh food instead as they are unlikely to be taxed. For a complete list of taxable and non-taxable goods, download the GST List of Sundry Goods by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.


How do you save money on groceries?

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