12 things for a beautiful breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is probably the ultimate pampering at home. Imagine waking up to beautiful and delicious breakfast right on your cosy bed. We have always wanted to do this and did some research on the things that we might need. Some are necessary (e.g serving tray) and others would make a nice touch but can be omitted (e.g bed tray).

breakfast1. Bed Tray
The bed tray function like a table.
Aino Living Formosa Bed Tray RM 89.90

bed tray


2. Serving tray
A beautiful serving tray with handle will make transferring food from the kitchen to the bedroom much easier.
Iwannagohome RM 69.90

Trays from Iwannagohome


3. Napkins
So that special someone can clean his or her hands and mouth.
IKEA RM 6.90 and RM 14.90

IKEA napkins



4. Coffee cups and saucers
Because many people cannot function well without a cup of coffee in the morning.
RM 11.90 – 14.90


5. Coffee Maker
Serve gourmet coffee using a coffee machine.
Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker KP1006 (Red) RM 319

Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker KP1006


6. Instant coffee
Good old 3-in-1 instant coffee is good as well.
RM 14.50 and RM 15.90



7. Teapot
It’s nice to have teapot instead of just as tea cup. This way, one can top up anytime.
IKEA RM 49.90


8. Tea
There are plenty of flavoured tea in the market. Some popular ones are peppermint, chamomile, jasmine and green tea.
TESCO RM 15.50



9. Plates
Pretty plates makes a huge difference to presentation. We like the simplicity of these plate from IKEA.
IKEA RM 9.90


10. Cutlery
You don’t want the person on bed to be eating with hands!
IKEA 24 pieces cutlery RM 59

cutlery set

11. Glass for water
Always have a glass of water ready.
House of Presentation RM 5.45



12. Vase and flowers
To make breakfast on bed extra special, decorate the tray with flowers. Always get fresh flowers if you can like a stalk of gerbera daisy.
Aino Living Egg vase RM 19.90 , Clement Vase RM 29.90,  Flower RM 12.90

vases and flowers

Are you planning to surprise someone with breakfast in bed?

photo credit: The Vivant

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