12 bean bags for a cosy home

We’ve always wanted a bean bag at home but finding a suitable one in Malaysia is rather hard. The colour and material just doesn’t please our taste. Besides, we always thought that a bean bag seems like a rather odd piece of furniture. It doesn’t really fit into our home. So we decided to find some inspiration online and perhaps custom-make one someday.

1. Sofa bean bag
Who would mind a bean bag as big as a sofa? (source: www.pinterest.com)

bean bag

2. Grizzly bear
Now it’s possible to sit on a sleeping grizzly bear. (source: www.pinterest.com)
bean bag

3. Bean bar under the stairs
A bean bag under the stairs, a small bookshelf and a lamp make a cosy reading nook. (source: www.pinterest.com)

4. Bean bag by the pool
It’s no secret that we dream to have a pool in our home. When that happens, we might want to place a few bean bags by it. (source: Houzz )

5. Huge bean bag in a TV room
(source: Houzz )

6. Fluffy bean bag in the bedroom
Bean bags is made not only for the living room, it can be place right infront of your bed. (source: Houzz )

7. Corner of the room
A lovely use of a corner space: a bean bag and a net. (source: )

8. Replace sofa
Replace sofa with bean bags maybe? (source: Houzz )

9. World map bean bag
Perfect for the avid traveller! (source: Houzz )

10. Footrest
This crochet bean bag works as a seat as well as a footrest. (source: Houzz)

11. Leather bean bag
A neutral colour that will match most interior. (source: Houzz )

12. Furry bean bag
This looks like the most comfortable thing in the world! (source: pbteen.com )

bean bag 12


Do you have a bean bag at home? If not, are you planning to get one? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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