100 ways to save money and still have a quality life

Whatever the economic situation, at JewelPie, we believe it’s a virtue to save and manage our finances wisely. Saving money doesn’t necessarily means that we have to give up our happiness, be cheap or lower our quality of life.

Rather, it is scaling down on unnecessary things and reject living a frivolous life that focuses too much on image and material possession. We believe in finding joy through simple things and being creative. Here are 100 ways to live a good life with less:


1. Buy something only when you really need it.

2. Have a maker’s instead of a buyer’s mentality: don’t buy if you can make it easily (Try our homemade vegetable wash

3. Have a shopping list and stick to it.

4. Find a new hangout place other than a shopping mall.

5. Pack your own lunch.

JewelPie: lunchbox

6. Keep loose change in a box.

7. Sleep with the fan instead of the air-cond.

8. Learn to live a simple life.

9. Sell what you don’t need.

10. Invest in quality clothes that last for years instead of buying trendy clothes that don’t.

marie kondo

11. Get organised and know what own so you wouldn’t buy something you already have.

12. Understand consumerism in order to defeat it

13. Avoid the scarcity mentality which leads to buying more than you need.

14. Only buy more when it cost less to do so.

15. Stop buying fashion or beauty magazines which tell you that you are not good enough.

16. Try out housebrands. 

17. Buy fresh food instead of processed food, they are often cheaper.

18. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

19. Take care of your belongings so they last for a long time.

20. Do not be persuaded to replace functional things you have (e.g phone) with a brand new one.


21. Exercise at home or at the park instead of paying for a gym membership.

22. Read books on how to manage your finances.

23. Give up smoking.

24. Buy generic instead of branded goods

25. If you want to buy that luxury item you’ve always wanted, do some research and make it a worthy purchase that will last a long time.

non-alcoholic wine

26. Reduce drinking.

27. Do some research and comparison before you buy anything expensive.

28. Understand that it’s ok to buy secondhand.

29. Learn to be contented with what you have.

30. Don’t do retail therapy.

31. Find expensive ways to de-stress (Get some ideas here: 100 ways to de-stress)


32. Shop at independent stores instead of at established, highly marketed stores. The price of the latter is normally jacked up.

33. Do not fall into the trap of buying ‘sales items’ you don’t need.

34. Meet your friends for lunch instead of dinner. Lunch deals are normally much more affordable.

35. Do your own manicure.

36. Stop colouring your hair or do unnecessary hair treatment. 

JewelPie- Fast & Foolproof French Manicure

37. Wear less makeup.

38. Control your impulse shopping.

39. Get advise from someone frugal and financially-wise.

40. Consider spending your money only on things necessary for survival and which will help you advance your career.

JewelPie: 5 things to help you look good without makeup

41. Stop subscription of physical paper and read news online.

42. Consider giving up TV subscription and find other hobbies.

43.Cook more food dinner and keep leftover for your lunchbox.

 44. Enjoy local coffee and buy premium coffee only once in a while.

45. Make your own face mask (Try our homemade green tea mask)

homemade green tea mask- exfoliating and antiaging

46. Download free books at Project Gutenberg (legally) instead buying.

47. Reuse scrap papers. 

48. Exchange clothes with your friends.

49. Use cloth instead of paper napkins.

50. Consider having a smaller wardrobe (Check out The 10 Items Wardrobe TED Talk)

mini spa party 3

51. Instead of eating out at a restaurant, have a simple potluck parties with friends.

52. Watch movie at home instead of in the cinema (How to prepare a romantic movie night at home)

53. Playboard games at home instead of going out for a drink

54. Find inexpensive yet romantic dates such as a picnic. Be creative.

55. Buy local food instead of imported ones.

grocery haul

56. Have economic rice.

57. Bring your own water instead of buying bottled water.

58. Try to fix broken household items instead of buying new ones.

59. Don’t buy retail.

60. Plan your shopping to buy what you need during sales.

peppermint foot soak

61. Instead of going to a spa, give yourself a foot-soak and self-massage.

62. Make instead of buying birthday gift for family and friends (Try Peppermint Foot Soak)

63. Make your own ‘processed’ food instead of buying them off the shelf (Try Homemade tomato pasta sauce)

64. Stop printing on paper. If you can, save documents in a tablet or smart phone.

65. Do your own hair-treatment instead of going to the hair saloon.


66. Adopt a pet instead of buying one (Try Petfinder.my)

67. Understand than more is not always better.

68. But thoughtful instead of expensive gifts (5 thoughtful & inexpensive gift for a sick friend)

69. Use credit card and earn points (but beware not to get into credit card debt)

70. Have your holidays locally instead of overseas. Try a staycation!


71. Travel on budget airlines and pack light.

72. Consider if it is practical to take public transport instead of buying a car.

73.  Carpool with colleague and friends.

74. Drive slowly and carefully; a well-maintained car cost less and has higher resale value.

75. Buy nuts, raisins and butter at a bakery supplies shop instead of the supermarket; they are often a lot more affordable.


76. Buy long-shelf life food items when they are on offer e.g UHT milk.

77. Choose electrical appliances that is energy efficient.

78. Use Ron 95.

79. Instead of getting an entire sound system, buy a good quality headphone.

80. If your office is walking distance to the train station, considering parking at the station and take the LRT.

osso buco main

81. Buy more affordable cuts of meat (e.g instead of lamb shank buy shoulder).

82. Set a reminder to pay your credit card bills on time.

83. Give your time and expertise instead of material things.

84. Prioritise health so that we can work effectively and avoid medical bills.

85. Invest in a wearable fitness tracker to keep fit.

Vivofit Garmin

86. Instead of relying on medication (e.g painkiller), learn to rest eyes in between work, massage your head and manage stress. 

87. As time equal to money, consider investing in time-saving tools.

88. Don’t over-order food. You can always order more later.

89. Stop snacking on unhealthy, heavily-processed snack when you’re stress.

90. Prepare food in a big batch, freeze and eat for a week.

Freezer Meal

91. Take shower instead of long bath.

92. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and close the tap tightly.

93. Polish your own jewellery instead of sending it to the professional.

94. Learn the virtue of saving instead of spending.

95. Learn to budget.

grocery haul

96. Kids or adults do not need new toys all the time; invest in toys that last a long time e.g ukulele.

97. Throw a birthday party at home instead of a restaurant.

98. Bake a cake instead of buying one.

DIY mini bunting

99. Do not equate happiness with material things.

100. Believe that the best things in life are free.

Any other ideas for us? Let us know!

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