100 healthy & beautiful ideas to de-stress and relax

Life comes with many things including troubles; some are small and some seems unsurmountable. While situations are out of our control, know that we have power over our reactions and feelings. When you’re stress, try to do healthy activities that make you feel relaxed, nourished and beautiful. Here are 100 lovely ideas to beat the stress:

Rose Milk Foot Soak

1. Soak your feet (Try a luxurious DIY rose milk foot soak)

2. Light the aromatheraphy burner with relaxing essential oil

3. Go for a swim (or just a dip and play with water)

4. Get into the sauna or steamroom

5. Arrange fresh flowers


6. Watch your favourite Disney cartoon

7. Call your favourite friend to catch up

8. Sleep

9. Get inspiration and pin beautiful things at Pinterest

10. Eat very spicy food and sweat it out

11. Create an indoor garden  (3 air filtering plants under RM 50)


12. Make your own frozen food (Try congee in ziplock bag or homemade burger patties)

13. Stroke and talk to your pet

14. Create a tea corner

15. Make a cup of hot tea

make your own tea corner

16. Try out a nearby gym or yoga center

17. Daydream

18. Learn to juggle 

19. Gather healthy snacks like nuts and raisins and put in a box

deep condition hair 2

20. Deep condition your hair at home (Condition your hair like a pro in 5 steps)

21. Take a walk around your neighbourhood

22. Make a hearty breakfast

hearty breakfast

23. Get  a new hobby (10 fun and hip hobbies to do in KL)

24. Give yourself a full-body scrub

25. Colour-code your keys with nail polish


26. Squeeze a stress ball

27. Listen to a Ted talk (Try: Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?)

28. Write a love letter to someone special

29. List down birthdays and wedding anniversaries of your favourite people

30. Make your own motivation board

JewelPie - motivation board 10motivation board

31. Make a foot soak for a friend (DIY Peppermint foot soak)

32. Make paper planes and let it go from the tallest place you can go

33. Flavour your drink with fruits and herbs 

detox drink

34. Print your favourite quote and frame it up (10 quotes to make you dress up and look fabulous everyday)

35. Try your own nail art (DIY newspaper nail art)

36. Throw oranges on a surface to loosen the fibre before squeezing  them into delicious juice

Orange Juice

37. Learn to tie fishtail braid

38. Delete unnecessary apps in your phone

39. Hire a part-time cleaner to tidy your house (List of part-time cleaners in Malaysia)

40. Organise your wardrobe

marie kondo - folded clothes

41. Learn to fold clothes efficiently

42. Start a Whatsapp group and add all your old classmates

43. Get a hairwash at a nearby saloon

44. Take a long bath

45. Light a candle (7 creative candle holders)


46. Listen to classic books on youtube (Try : Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen)

47. Take a beautiful photograph of your favourite person

48. Organise your entry way

49. Flip through magazines

50. Try a new recipe (Try: homemade pasta sauce)

sara's homemade pasta sauce 3

51. Organise your wallet (3 unexpected but useful thing to keep in your wallet)

52. Doodle

53. Watch a standup comedy on Youtube

54. Order fresh flowers and have it delivered to your doorstep

55. Scuplt a balloon

heart balloon

56. Make your own mask (Try green tea mask)

57. Pray

58. Give someone a big, tight hug

59. Appreciate classical music

60. Build a manicure kit


61. Drop a kind message to an old friend on Facebook

62. Grow your own herbs (Check out grow celery in a bowl of water)

Grow Celery In A Bowl Of Water - JewelPie

63. Talk to a child

64. Write down 10 things that makes you happy

65. Try a health food delivery service

healthy ever after malaysia

66. Book a pampering massage

67. Master a quick make-up routine for busy days

68. Play an instrument

69. Retrieve and read comics you loved when you were a child

JewelPie-organise cosmetics with glass jar and coffee beans

70. Decorate your dressing table

71. Look through old holidays photos

72. Make something with your hands (Try a simple origami box)

JewelPie Origami Snack Box

73.  Make a healthy TV snack (Edamame in 2 minutes)

74. Make a customised phone case of your pet

75. Snack on your favourite fruits (Check out 3 fruits you can eat with a spoon)

Kiwi- JewelPie

76. Make a photo book

77. Read an inspirational blog (Try Zen Habits)

78. Give yourself a head massage

79. Dance

80. Make your own instant noodles

JewelPie Instant Noodles 5

81. Read a good book

82. Jump on a skipping rope like you used to as a child

83. Prepare a romantic movie night at home

movie night


84. Do some therapeutic colouring (Try Secret Garden’s colouring book)

85. Write a postcard for a friend living overseas

86. Try fruit carving 

swan apple carving

87. Meditate

88. Go to the nearby park

89. Think happy thoughts

90. Make a glass of green juice

detox green juice

91. Make a pot of  hot soup

92. Listen to sound of nature via Youtube

93. Write a journal 

94. Pop bubble-wrap

95. Make a water bottle marked with time

Sure way to get 8 glasses of water: water bottle marked with time!

96. Strike a yoga pose

97. Give yourself a home facial

98. Bake a cake for a friend (Try: 30 minutes no-bake blueberry cheesecake)

Blueberry Cheesecake in 30 minutes (no-bake)

99. Take photos of your favourite things and upload on Instagram (Get some inspiration here)

100. Plan a holiday

What do you do to de-stress?

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