10 ways to make a healthy, edible Christmas tree

Christmas is coming! If you’re trying to avoid putting festive-looking but sugary snacks on the table, try these:

1. Watermelon Christmas Trees
All you need is a watermelon and a knife. (source: http://www.eatingvibrantly.com/)


2. Easy Christmas Watermelon Pops
If you want to make something more fancy than the above, make watermelon pops. You’ll need ice-cream sticks, cookie-cutter and sugar sprinkles. (source: http://childhood101.com )

3. Fruit Christmas Tree
Create a Christmas tree on a plate with fruits like kiwi, raspberry and blackberry. (source: http://mamapapabubba.com )

4. Vegetable Christmas tree
You can also use vegetables like ceelry, cherry tomatoes. mushroom and olives. (source: https://www.facebook.com)


5.  Cucumber Christmas Tree
If cost is a concern, use cucumber instead. It’s much more economical than berries and other imported vegetables like olives. (source: http://www.littlefoodjunction.com/)


6. Kiwi Christmas Tree
Too lazy for all the above? Make a tree with a skewer, wedged kiwi and tomato. (source: http://naturalnewagemum.com)

7. Beans and Cheese Christmas tree
Beans and cheese make a savoury and simple Christmass tree. (source: https://www.pinterest.com/)



8. Grapes Christmas Tree
If you want to make edible Christmas tree for a party, buy a huge Christmas tree shaped baking pan and filled it with green grapes. (source: http://littlewondersdays.blogspot.com)
christmass tree

9. Celery Christmas Tree
If you want something 3 dimensional, try this standing Christmas tree using only celery and capsicum. (source: http://www.fantasticfunandlearning.com/)


10. Standing fruit Christmas tree
This is the hardest of all, but most impressive. (source: http://imagenesfantasiaycolores.blogspot.com/)


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