10 vegetarian dishes for Chinese New Year

It is a norm of many families to maintain a vegetarian diet on the first day of Chinese New Year. The custom is followed so diligently that after many generation, many do not understand the reason behind it. It stems from the Buddhist teaching as a form of self-purification.

Many also believe that it counteract the excessive food eaten on Chinese New Year eve and to obtain good karma for the New Year. We have chosen some of the best vegetarian dishes from the Internet, with each representing happiness, fortune, longevity or prosperity.

1. Buddha’s Delight (Luo Han Zai)罗汉斋
Luo han zai commonly contains more than ten ingredients which has particular auspicious significance such as fat choy and snow fungus. (Recipe by Food4Tot)

luo han zai

2. Vegetarian spring roll
Spring rolls symbolise wealth as they look like gold bars. Eat the entire roll from one end to another so that everything will begin and end well. (Recipe by Smoky Wok)

spring roll

3. Braised beancurd with mushrooms and broccoli
Leafy greens symbolises long life for parents.

beancurd with mushrooms and broccol


4. Pan-fried vegetarian dumpling
Chinese dumplings represents wealth as they look similar to gold ingots in ancient China. (Recipe by Kelly Siew)

pan-fried vegetarian dumplings

5. Imitation Sharksfin Soup
Sharksfin is often consume as a symbol of status. At JewelPie, we do not believe in eating endangered animals, so we recommend vegetarian version of Sharskfin soup instead. (Recipe by Food Lab Asia)
Imitation Sharksfin Soup

6. Pineapple Fried Rice
Pineapple is a popular ingredient during Chinese New Year as it symbolises wealth and luck. (Recipe by Rasa Malaysia)

Pineapple Fried Rice

7. Pan-fried stuff lotus root
Lotus root means abundance year after year. (Recipe by Little Corner Of Mine)

pan fried lotus root

8. Nian Gao/ Lin Gou with Sweet Potato
Eating nian gao symbolises rising in each coming year, a popular Chinese proverb (年年高升). (Recipe by  Noob Cook)

Lin Gou With Sweet Potato

9. Snow Fungus Soup With Red dates & Gingko
Sweet food signifies sweet blessings. (Recipe Just As Delish)

Snow Fungus with Red Dates and Gingko

10. Koi Fish Jelly
Fish is a must-have dish for Chinese New Year. It symbolizes excess i.e having more than enough of food and clothing for the year.
Koi Fish Jelly

What is your favourite lunar new year dish?

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